About Our Affirmations


Our affirmations are always sorted into 3 groups, based on their tenses:

Present Tense

different tense affirmationsThese are affirmations which either state that something is happening right now, or more often talk as if it has already happened – as if you have already reached your goal, have made a change and that you are a new person or are living the lifestyle you want to already.

These statements all usually start with I / I am / I have. Here are some examples:

“I am naturally social”

“I enjoy socialising and meeting new people”

“I am a naturally social person and enjoy going to parties and social events”

Future Tense

These are affirmations which state that something is going to happen in the future, that you will change or take a action. They speak as if a goal is being actively pursued and they often start with I will, for example:

I will become more social and outgoing, I am becoming more social every day, I start making more of an effort socially with new people.

Natural Tense

These affirmations are characterised by not starting with I, I am or I will. They are often “timeless” i.e. they aren’t exactly future or present tense but can sometimes incorporate elements of either, for example:

Socialising and making friends comes naturally to me, Socialising is fun and enjoyable, Meeting new people is normal and natural for me, Being social is something I enjoy, Every day I become more and more social and outgoing.

Which Tense is Best?

The simple answer to this question is: whichever one resonates with you most, whichever sounds most natural to you, whichever mirrors your way of speaking and feels most comfortable for you to say.

We offer these 3 options is purely to give you the ability to choose the affirmations which suit you best, and most people who use this site end up looking across the 3 lists and picking and choosing affirmations from each to compile their own unique set.

There is an age old debate between present and future tense affirmations

which affirmations are best?

People say that present tense is better as it tricks your mind into believing something is already the case. i.e. “I am a naturally social person” – rather than a future tense affirmation of “I am learning to be much more social every time I go out”

Generally speaking, this is often true – they are often MORE POSITIVE than the future tense, however for different areas or perhaps when you are using affirmations at the last minute, future tense affirmations are more fitting – for example; I will pass my exams, tomorrow morning I will wake up fresh and energized and ready, I will pass my exam tomorrow.. these are more fitting than “I have passed my exam”.

However, those who advocate the use of future tense affirmations offer the argument that only using present tense affirmations can make you complacent – the change has already happened, so you stop making progress, you stop working, you stop taking action towards your goal. They say that on the other hand future tense affirmations make you more motivated, give you a goal, something to aim for, and keep pushing you to achieve it.

Then, of course there are our “Natural Tense” affirmations – these are often timeless, but can incorporate both present and future tense elements – they often have a different style, a different way of speaking and because of this, our natural style affirmations can stimulate your mind in a new way and make you think differently.

The Arguments Are Not Real! It is Just Personal Preference!

It is our belief that it is mostly personal preference – obviously both sets of groups have experienced results with “their style” of affirmations. All that matters is that the affirmations resonate with you. – if you prefer the future tense, then use it, if you like traditional present tense affirmations then use those ones.. but do a little mixing and matching, there might just be a couple of good affirmations in another group which would really work well with you.

We are here to develop ourselves – don’t get involved in the politics of it all, don’t EVER let anyone tell you your affirmations aren’t any good – just pick your affirmations, use them, and watch as they help you to change your life!

Get started today – choose from the selection on the right, we have affirmations for confidence, affirmations for weight loss, affirmations for the law of attraction and much much more – browse our selection, make your pick and develop yourself today 🙂