Affirmations for Fitness and Bodybuilding


This is our fitness training category – if you are hitting the gym, or struggling to, then these are the affirmations you need. These free positive affirmations will help you to get your mindset right before you train.

For ideal results repeat them before you head out to train so that they are fresh in your mind, perhaps even print a copy and pin it in your locker! Using these affirmations will get your head in the right place, boost your motivation, and ensure that you push yourself to your limit, and grow at a faster rate – pick your affirmations here:

If you would like to add to these affirmations, for different areas of fitness and exercise.. then we would be thrilled 🙂

Our website heavily relies on self submissions. We are fast becoming the biggest source of FREE positive affirmations in the world.. but we need YOUR help – if you have personal sets of affirmations, or would like to write affirmations for areas that we haven’t yet covered then please get in touch: Submit your affirmations here.