Success Stories


Here are some of the success stories I have received from readers like you, just from people who have read this site and used positive affirmations to take positive action in their lives.

Deep and lasting change really is possible with help from positive affirmations, anyone can use them, and they will work for you if you use them consistently over time.

Success Stories

When I read your confidence affirmations, on inferiority, insecurity, wanting to feel beautiful and relationship insecurity I knew I could change – NOW – just like that. It’s that easy to just – let go – when you’re ready. And I was ready. AND WHEN I WAS READY YOU WERE THERE, ALL PERFECT AND ON POINT. So literally right now I feel an immense freedom, that I can just let go of insecurity, basically completely, and be super duper confident. Kirsty (This is an excerpt from a much longer personal story which was sent to us. You can read the full story here titled: Release the Old and Embrace the New)

Since I found this site and started using the affirmations, my life has really turned around. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that I’m much more joyful, stress-free, and hopeful. My relationships and my finances have improved. I say my affirmations twice a day and it’s really made a difference in my overall outlook! Also, I’m a therapist and in the majority of my work I counsel patients who are truly at their wits’ end. A lot of them were skeptical about the affirmations at first, saying, “I can’t say that if it isn’t true!” But now some of THEM are saying the affirmations daily, and one patient even took a printout of various affirmations I had given the group and framed them. She took a picture of it and it’s gone viral among her Facebook friends! Another patient says that using her positive affirmations as a coping skill helps her get through really rough periods. So, affirmations WORK! Thank you so much for sharing these! Jayme Helmick

I had dabbled with positive affirmations before, but after reaching a low point in my life recently I found this site and decided to make a real plan of action and to use them every day. After suffering loss in my life I used them for just 2 minutes a day, repeating both morning and evening like you recommend. This approach has been transformational for me. I can’t begin to tell you how my mind has shifted during this time. I really do feel more positive and happy, and I am being more proactive and going out and doing more in my daily life. They have been a real saver for me when I was spiralling down in my life due to events which so I thought were out of my control. Positive affirmations really are so simple and really could be all you need, I would recommend everyone give them a really solid try for just 2 weeks and see the difference. Paul Peterson, Austin, Texas

Thank you so much for putting the time into this site Thomas, I found it recently and love the work you have done, I browse it every morning and just read through and find it gives a positive start to the day. Jainie, Wisconsin, USA

My son recommended me to your site and I really like it. I like the positive affirmations for happiness – so simple, beautiful, elegant, and they really do lighten my mood. Rose Harwood, Connecticut, USA

I have always been a fan of tools for the mind, and love the idea that we can read about others, read about success, mirror other successful people and find it for ourselves. I started reading business books and biographies a few years ago and have been on a path for business ever since. I use affirmations regularly and find yours a great resource – how on earth you had the time to write so many for so many different areas I don’t know :), but I love the business affirmations and find they centre me before important calls and at the start of important projects. Ted Roberts, London, UK

Love your affirmations, light and love be with you, I read your site and love the new additions, love the relationships affirmations and loving life right now with a little thanks to you 🙂 Sara, Ireland

I would love to hear YOUR story with affirmations, please, if you are having success in your life, please share your story with me – it can be really inspiring to read, especially for people who are new to affirmations or skeptical. Your success really will inspire and lead to success for other people!

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