Affirmations for Dreaming


Welcome to the affirmations for dreaming category. Affirmations can be really really powerful in this area. They are noted for being able to help you to remember your dreams, and are a key part of learning to lucid dream.

It is important that you repeat and use these affirmations a little differently to most – mostly you will just say them during your daily life, or commonly people will stand at the mirror in the morning and evening.. well with these affirmations for dreams you should repeat them internally too, while lying in bed waiting to go to sleep.

Don’t be so “strong” with your inner voice, just repeat them gently over and over so that the last thing on your mind before you go to sleep will be thoughts about remembering your dreams or that you will be dreaming soon – this is a really powerful technique and will help to enhance your dreaming dramatically.

Are you an expert in this area? Would you like to help add to this category? We would love to talk to you, and we would be honoured if you would write some of your personal affirmations down so that we can share then with the world and perhaps even help other people to have pleasant dreams, lucid dreams, and remember them more clearly. Our hundreds of free positive affirmations are heavily user submitted. We are growing rapidly, but we need your help, so please send us your affirmations.