Affirmations for Weight Loss


If you are looking to lose weight with positive affirmations then this is the place for you. This is our mastery list of FREE positive affirmations for weight loss, and they are broken down into specific areas for you.

Affirmations aren’t magic, you can’t eat chocolate all day and lose weight just because you are repeating your affirmations every morning and night. However, if you are really serious, if you are really making an effort to eat right, exercise regularly, and live a healthy lifestyle then affirmations can have an amazing effect. They basically make sure that you are backed up mentally, and give you a MUCH STRONGER chance of successfully losing weight.

They will get you into the right mindset, help you to think positively, keep you on track, help you to stick to your diet and give you motivation when you really need it. Affirmations actually can be the difference between success and failure, and they can certainly make things a lot easier and more natural for you!

So if you want to increase your metabolism, yes we have affirmations for that, if you want to become more motivated to exercise, yes we can help there too – browse the full collection here and make today the first day of the rest of your (slim and healthy) life!

If you have lost weight with the help of affirmations then we would LOVE to hear from you! Perhaps our weight loss affirmations are limited, or there is another area which you targeted specifically? is largely supported by user submissions from people like you, so please get involved, we are actively hoping for new submissions here:

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