Affirmations for Health


This is our category of affirmations for health, mind and body. We are so proud to offer this important collection, all 100% for free.

The affirmations listed below can actually help to transform your life, to give you strength, hope, and actually help you to recover faster from illnesses, to boost your immune system and overall live a much higher quality of life.

We are growing this collection all the time as we believe it is vitally important to this site, and we do take requests too – just leave us a comment below and we will try and add it as soon as possible.

Here’s to improving your health – TODAY!

Have you used positive affirmations to improve your health? This is such an important category, the affirmations here could really not just change someones life like improving confidence can, but actually improve the quality of someone’s day to day life.

If you have used positive affirmations to help you overcome a medical condition or recover from an illness then we would love to hear from you. We would love to read your affirmations and to share them with the world on this site to help others.

So, if you can help, please submit your affirmations to us here and maybe your success can be the start of someone else’s new life too.