Affirmations for Success With Women


Welcome to the success with women category, also known as affirmations for pickup.

The affirmations here will help you to get the right mindset to help you to approach women, help to boost your natural confidence, and then we h

ave some sets of affirmations which are more related to the pickup / seduction “community”. These types affirmations will instill within you the types of qualities which women look for in a man.

With regular use of these albums you really can become the confident, strong, extroverted alpha male which women find attractive. Use these affirmations daily, the more you repeat them the more you will start to believe them, and once you start to believe them then so will other people, and then they will become real – you really will become the alpha male you know you can be!

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Do you think this category is just scratching the surface? If you think we are missing some affirmations then we would love to work with you! Our free positive affirmations are mostly supplied by reader submissions, so if you are an expert in this area, or if you have some of your own affirmations which you think would make a good addition to this site then please send us your favourite affirmations, and you could help 100s of people all around the world with similar issues!