Affirmations for Sports


Welcome to our affirmations for sports enhancement range. We hope that the list below caters for every sport (but if not you can make requests using the comment box below).

Obviously using these affirmations alone isn’t going to turn you into a pro golfer or tennis star overnight – of course, you still need to practice, take it seriously and take lessons too.

However, mindset is soooo important in sports – having the right mindset on match day is often the difference between success and failure, between victory and defeat. These positive affirmations can help you to train harder, they can help to ensure that you have the right winning mindset when it counts and they can help you to progress in your sport at a faster rate and fulfil your true potential.

How have positive affirmations been working for you? Have you used them for success in sports? If so we would love to hear about your experience – you can share it in the comments box at the bottom…

However if you would like to share your actual affirmations with us – especially if it is for a sport we haven’t listed then we would really LOVE to hear from you.

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