Mar 052013
  • Nobel ManI wonder what miracles the Universe is going to bring me today?
  • In what ways can I bring more joy into someone’s life?
  • What step can I take right now that will open me to even greater abundance?

Ahhh…. Just writing those questions down makes me feel good, and I imagine reading them has raised your vibration no matter how good you were feeling before beginning this article, hasn’t it?

  • How can I feel even better than I do right now?
  • What new friends am I going to meet today?
  • In what ways can I make today even better then yesterday?

Nobel Questions

These are nobel questions, and taking five or more minutes each day to write your own may be the single most effective way to quickly raise your vibration.

Once you understand the basics and get in some practice you will find that each time you work with Nobel Questions your smile will brighten, your confidence will grow, and the Universe will begin to open doors for you in ways you don’t yet even know how to imagine.

  • What wonderful new surprises are waiting for me today?
  • How can I feel even happier than I do right now?
  • How can I become even more effective in getting my message out?

Ready to get started?

Basic Rule #1

Always write the sentence as if you already have what you are looking for and you want even more of it. For instance if you desire to increase your abundance, some good choices are…

  • In what ways can I bring even more abundance into my life?
  • What steps can I take today that will result in even more $$ in my bank account
  • Who can I call now that can help me open the doors to even greater wealth?

Basic Rule #2

Always write your Nobel Questions in the positive – and always from the knowing that success is guaranteed. For instance, if your desire is to improve your health some great Nobel Questions would be…

  • What steps can I take today to increase my health even more?
  • In what ways can I allow even greater vitality into my life?
  • What am I missing, that if I were aware of it, would allow me to feel even better than I do right now?

Notice the use of the terms “even better”, “even greater”, “even more”. They are a great way to instill into your conscious and other then conscious mind that you are already vital, healthy, energized, abundant and that you are ready to attract even more into your life now.

Basic Rule #3

Always allow for surprises 🙂 Our small ego minds continue to try and keep us contained, constricted, limited. The nobel question is a fabulous way of allowing the Infinite Universe to surprise and delight us in ways that wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t allow for the seemingly impossible in our lives.

  • In what wonderful ways is the world going to surprise me today?
  • What limitations can I let go of today that will allow even greater wonders into my life?
  • What genius have I been hiding from myself that I can tap into to make the world an even greater place to be?

When and How to Use the Nobel Question

The simple truth is that there are many ways you can incorporate the art of the Nobel Question into your life. Some of the most powerful include…

Beginning and ending your day with Nobel Questions such as…

  • In what ways will today be even better then yesterday?
  • What can I celebrate about this wonderful day I just lived?
  • Using Nobel Questions throughout the day whenever you notice your energy drop
  • What can I do right now that will broaden my smile?
  • In what ways can I get even more motivated in this moment?
  • What other ideas can I contemplate that will make this moment even better?

Scheduling 5-10 minutes every day to write as many Nobel Questions as you can, as quickly as you can, concerning all areas of your life. This is one of my favorite exercises and when you begin to do it yourself you will soon learn why. This exercise is like taking a feel good drug without any side effects. It sometimes takes a few minutes to take effect but after that the good feelings just keep coming – and coming – and coming 🙂

What else can I add that will enhance your experience with the Nobel Question? Just my love and intention that your experience will be even more powerful than mine has been – and my promise that I will be checking the comments and will answer as many as your questions as I can

With Joy and In Celebration of this Most Magnificent Journey, Cyndi Krupp

This is a Guest Post from Cyndi Krupp

Cyndi is enjoying her own personal growth journey while at the same time striving to help others with theirs. She writes for and runs the hugely popular self improvement and spirituality online magazine – Evolution Ezine.

If you have enjoyed reading about her nobel questions then you can ask Cyndi your own Nobel Questions, or find out more on her why ask Cyndi? page.

She also runs another giant self improvement website called Mind Power MP3s, in which she works with different artists and musicians to develop music which can help you to transform your mindset. You can get started with her 3 FREE audio mp3s (one of which helps you tap into the heart beat of the earth…)

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