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Man working on a futuristic computerIf you imagine that your subconscious mind is like a hard disk of a computer, over time this tree, just like a computer can get cluttered by bad programs and corrupt files.

In your human mind these bad programs and corrupt files can be related to negative influences in your environment, disempowering information from the media, bad habits that you pick up over time, chronic stress and even the food and drink we consume.

This hard disk is responsible for your heart beat, your breathing, your long term memory, your digestive system, your immune system and the majority of the processing power of your thoughts and emotions takes place here too.

So when this goes wrong, so does your health, your well being, your mind power and even your ability to attract and manifest the things that you want.

Correction with Affirmations

Thankfully you can correct these bad programs by using meditation techniques with positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations are suggestions that you make to your subconscious mind that change your habitual thinking patterns.

However your subconscious mind cannot differentiate between negative and positive.

For example if you want to attract money, you cannot say things like I don’t want to be poor because your subconscious mind will act upon the word poor, ignoring the word don’t and will bring that result instead.

So you must choose what you say to your subconscious mind very carefully and that is why we use positive affirmations.

Your subconscious mind is most open to suggestions while you are in the ‘alpha’ brainwave state.

This state of mind is when you are most relaxed and calm.

You produce most alpha waves when you are in a meditative or prayer state or just before you go to sleep and have your eyes closed.

You can also produce alpha waves using a special technology known as brainwave entrainment or alpha wave producing meditation music.

While you are in this alpha state you can now start to repeat positive affirmations to your subconscious, by chanting them out loud, or just repeating them consciously with conviction in your mind.

Here is the formula you must follow to make positive affirmations work for you.

5 Steps to Success with Affirmations

  1. Baby with a funny face of successThey must be said while in an alpha state, a positive state of conscious focus
  2. They must be all affirmative and said with conviction and confidence
  3. They should involved a specific action
  4. Repetition is essential, so the more times you repeat an affirmation the better. It should become a daily practice.
  5. Be aware that positive affirmations do not magically manifest results, what they do instead is open your subconscious to new channels of information and opportunity, so you must take action on these in order for any major changes to happen to your life.

So remember to pick the right statements for your intentions, then make it a daily habit to clear the clutter and reprogram your subconscious mind!

With repetition, when coming from a position of confidence and conviction, affirmations can be a powerful tool to spark changes within your mind from which you can really take action and see a huge difference in your life!

This is a Guest Post from Niraj Naik

Niraj is the founder of the Alpha Mind System – which he created using a fusion of brainwave entrainment and his own musical compositions. His background musician and scientist with classical training in ancient indian vedic and gregorian music gave him an ear for artistic expression and his attention to detail and knowledge of sound waves and beats helped him to create his master system.
Profile picture of Niraj NaikHe then used his own Alpha Mind System and compositions to literally turn his life around and regain his health after serious illnesses.

Find out more about how the alpha mind system works here, or visit his homepage at:


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