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Welcome to the positive affirmations blog. Here you will find a collection of regularly updated articles about positive affirmations, mindset, happiness, achieving success and self improvement generally.

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What You Will Find On This Blog

This blog, along with the whole site is a passion project for me, I want to update the blog once a week with personal stories, stories of people’s results and experiences of positive affirmations, as well as articles with information on how to take control of your mind and your life, how to think more positive and how to improve yourself naturally.

The blog will also contain some guest posts from other successful people – I will only invite people I know to be genuine and who have achieved success in their lives and who can write genuine, valuable, useful posts for you – however, there is an open invite to guest blog, but I will filter these carefully to make sure they are of the highest quality.

Self improvement doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. I want to share some of the things I have used to help improve myself beyond just positive affirmations. I truly believe you can take control of your own mind and create real changes in your own life. I have done this for myself and I am nobody special – we can all use positive affirmations and simple methods to take control of our minds and produce real changes our daily lives. All it takes is a little positivity, a commitment to stick with it and some consistency, which reminds me of the quote:

Ordinary actions, when repeated consistently, produce extraordinary outcomes.

Want To Submit a Guest Blog?

We do allow guest blog posts here. I love to read different points of view and want this blog to be a hive of activity and a place or real valuable actionable content from people who have achieved success in their lives and want to share with others.

If you have a success story, a tip to enhance the mind, a way of thinking, a daily routine for success, a way to help people to improve their positivity, happiness, motivation, or any area of their lives then please read the following guidelines (we are strict, your articles need to be in good quality English and be real valuable pieces which people can learn from and not sales-pitches. If your article is a sales-pitch in disguise we will reject it without explanation).

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