Mar 252013

This week I received an email from a young guy called Shwyn, saying that he had been inspired to write an affirmational song based on the law of attraction. Well I watched it and I was stunned. It is a beautiful song, very inspirational and it gave me goosebumps as he has such a powerful voice – here is the video, get comfortable, take 5 minutes out and just relax and enjoy it:

Also, just for your information, here is a little section of the script from the first verse – print it an pin it up ūüôā

I can be what I want to be,
I can dream, have fantasies.
I’ll get there, yes I believe,
If I pursue I will achieve.
If I just realise my full potential.. I’m a powerful Individual
(Lyrics from Shwyn- Individual)

I was really eager to ask Shwyn a few questions too which he came straight back with, so here’s a little interview with the artist

Interview with Shwyn

Free Affirmations:¬†Thanks for the video Shwyn, I love it and you’ve got an amazing natural voice! Can you give our readers just a little blurb about yourself; who you are and where you come from,¬†a little about your background?

ShwynShwyn:¬†Thank you for having me. Well I was born and raised in London, Tottenham. I grew up in a loving home on a council estate, with 3 siblings and great parents who always worked hard, but yet still couldn’t seem to quite overcome the financial struggles and hardships that life had to offer. Growing up though,¬†I was a very creative boy, and always felt I was special in some way. Not understanding how to express all this power at a young age,¬†I was at times quite troublesome.

Free Affirmations: Is singing something which has always been part of your life?

Shwyn:¬†Yes, well I was brought up going to church where I loved to sing, my mum loved to sing around the house too. I think I stopped singing around the age of 13, when I started secondary school here. As you tend to try and fit in at that age, where I was singing wasn’t seen to be too cool so to speak, and not very masculine. So from that age¬†on-wards¬† I drifted more to the technical side of music, recording, mixing, DJ’ing etc. It’s only recently I decided to work on my first solo album and started singing again, so I’m still developing my confidence again in that area. I guess I should write a few¬†affirmations for confidence¬†(laughs).

Free Affirmations: Tell me about writing the song Рwhere did the inspiration come from, was it easy to write?

Shwyn:¬†The inspiration came at a point for me when I was¬†feeding my¬†mind with positive material on a regular basis. I’ve always believed¬†there is a lot more to life than what we see, and I committed my time¬†to developing myself, reading books from authors such as Wallace D¬†Wattles, Troward and Bob Proctor. By saturating my mind with this¬†sort of material, my way of thinking started to change. I wanted to¬†share this with as many people as I could, and my desire expressed itself¬†in the most natural way to me, which was through music.

Free Affirmations: So have you always used positive affirmations yourself? Can you tell me a little about how you started and what they have help you to do?

Shwyn:¬†I’ve been using them around 5 years now, I started because of¬†research into how the mind works, and then I got into the¬†law of attraction.¬†At first I couldn’t quite see any benefit from them, but through study and¬†developing awareness, I now understand affirmations always work and¬†anyone can benefit from them. You could say our whole life is made up¬†of affirmations. Affirmations can be positive or negative.¬†Continuous¬†repetition of a new positive idea will become fixed in the mind and¬†replace the old. ¬†Affirmations work for me in every area¬†of my life, and they can do the same for everyone.

Free Affirmations:¬†What sort of response have you received from¬†people who have listened to your song ‘Individual’?

Shwyn:¬†Wow, the response had been incredible. I’ve had people¬†from all over the world message me, telling me of the positive¬†influence the song has had on their lives and how it had helped¬†them in many ways. Such is the power of the song,¬†I myself even¬†like listening to it on a daily basis to keep my mind focused.

Free Affirmations: Thank you for sharing your story and this great song with us. May success always be with you.

Shwyn: Thank you very much for your support. I would just like to say to all, that you may have heard people say many times that
anything is possible, so much that it can almost become a cliche,¬†but I have discovered it’s really true. Spend time on developing¬†yourself, read and re-read the authors I have mentioned I¬†sing this song on a daily basis, please share¬†this information with your family and friends, surround yourself¬†with it, and soon your mind will take the form of these things.¬†If I can do it, then so can you.

Contact Shwyn and Download “Individual”!

If you have any questions for Shwyn please leave a comment below, or you can¬†reach Shywn on his facebook, and follow him and watch more of his videos in the future on¬†Shwyn’s Youtube Channel.

Individual is also available on iTunes for you to download.

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