Affirmations for Creativity


Here is our collection of positive affirmations around the area of creativity. Here you can find affirmations to help you to acquire the mindset of an artist, a writer, and a photographer, as well as improving your creativity generally.

If you struggle with creativity, or even if you don’t and just want to open yourself up even more, then these positive affirmations will help to expand your mind, think more creatively, and ultimately become someone who is just naturally creative and visual at all times!

View the whole collection here:

Do you think this list needs a little love? We do! We want to grow this collection, but we need your help. If you have some of your own positive affirmations around this area and would like to further test your creative skills, then write them down and send them to us – we would love to feature your affirmations and share them with the world.

Please submit your affirmations here and get to be a part of something bigger!