Affirmations for Money Mastery


Here are our, or I should say YOUR positive affirmations for money mastery! These are some of our most popular and will help you to think positively about money, to think like a millionaire, and acquire a wealth mindset.. in short, these affirmations can (and will if you keep repeating them) change your outlook and your beliefs about money forever.. for the better.. and can really transform your life!

Even money begins in the mind – if you can take control of your mind you can change how you think about money, how you spend (or save) it, how you interact with money, and how money comes into your life.

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This list is ever growing, but if you would like it to grow faster, or if you think you can add something to it then maybe you want to help out? Our free affirmations are mostly submitted from inspired people like you, so please get involved, we would love to feature your favourite affirmations:

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