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a plaque saying "trust the universe"This is a guest blog post by Kristen Howe – manifestation enthusiast, blogger, journalist and manifestation enthusiast.

  • “How do I increase my manifesting power?”
  • “How can I manifest everything now?”
  • “How do I speed up my manifestations?”

These are the top 3 questions I get asked about manifesting and the Law of Attraction. The first thing you have to do to begin magnetizing your desires to you is raise your vibration. The Universe responds to your vibration, and you recognize whatever you are a vibrational match for.

What that means is this…

If you are in a lower vibrational state (negativity, fear, doubt, worry etc.) you become a vibrational match for lower vibrational people, situations and manifestations.

If you are in a higher vibrational state (peace, joy, ease, confidence) you become a vibrational match for higher vibrational people, situations and manifestations.

I want to be clear about something – BOTH lower and higher vibrational people, situations and manifestations exist around you ALWAYS – what determines what flows into your life has nothing to do with what you desire existing – because what you desire exists ALWAYS – but you can’t recognize and allow what you desire until you are a vibrational match for it.

So truthfully – your only job EVER is to raise your vibration.

And there are 2 powerful things you can do right now to raise your vibration and get in alignment with what you desire consistently and effortlessly.

Step 1: Use the Universal Mirror to Change Your State and Raise Your Vibration

The universal mirrorLet me start by explaining what I mean by the Universal Mirror – and to do that, I actually want to ask a question…

“What if everything we see going on in our external world – and everything we feel because of what we see going on in our external world is actually a mirror of what is going on with us, internally?”

Take a minute to think about this and really let it sink in – because it is the opposite of what most people believe is true.

Now, here’s where this subject gets a little sticky – and here’s why – you have ALL been exposed to the Law of Attraction, Universal Laws, personal development, success strategies, inspired action etcetera – you all get it conceptually – most of you agree that change starts from within…

BUT – for most of you, or at least most of the time, when you start to feel struggle in your life or when you start to feel fear, doubt or worry, it is most often in response to something you see outside of yourself. In other words, even though you get that change starts from within conceptually, you still get pulled into feeling one way or another about your life based on what you report is happening in the world around you.

And the first thing I want to say is – that’s okay – you’re human. But, it’s time to really make this shift – it is time to transfer from getting it in concept to knowing it with every fiber of your being – in computer terms, it’s time to upgrade your operating system.

Think of these words – Confidence, security, trust – how do they make you feel? Do they make you want to withdraw or expand?

These are just words but they create such powerful emotions in us. The challenge right now is that the majority of what is being reported to us by the news and other people is based in turmoil, fear, unrest and lack.

And, here’s where I want to use the mirror effect to help you change your vibration whenever you start to struggle and report from the outside in as opposed to the inside out.

Anything negative you see in the world is reflecting back to you what you feel or fear is within you.

Let me say that again…

Anything negative you see in the world is reflecting back to you what you feel or fear is within you.

Whatever you judge in someone else you actually feel or fear is within you.

Whatever you feel you must defend – within you somewhere you agree or are scared it is wrong. (Even if it isn’t wrong – someone or something has convinced you that it may be).

Whatever you judge in someone else you unconsciously feel or fear is within you.

So, when you are responding to something negatively that is going on around you – this is a clue – it is a call to shift your attention within to look for what negative belief is showing up.

Now that you have the awareness (which will actually automatically start the shift), it’s time to share step 2 with you…

Step 2: Use the power of awareness as a vibrational ‘shift switch’

Any shift you desire – starts with awareness – literally within the awareness lays the seed for the shift to take place. The only thing that will get in the way of that shift is self-judgment or a change in perspective.

It’s really that simple – once we become aware of something, the focus and attention on it causes it to shift – subtly at first, but over time, that awareness holds within it the catalyst for complete transformation.

Think about this on a very basic level – let’s say you are out for a walk – and without you realizing it, your shoe is slightly rubbing against your heel. You keep walking because you aren’t yet aware of what is going on.

Then, after a little more walking, you start to become AWARE of a slight burning sensation in your heel. That awareness instantly causes a shift because with the awareness comes your focus and attention. And with the awareness, you start to walk a little differently in an attempt to stop the rubbing.

Then, after more time, the burning gets painful enough that you finally stop, take off your shoe and put on a band aid so the blister can heal.

The shift began with your awareness. It happens every time with everything!

So, the question you can use to transform is this “How can I use the awareness, I just received from the Universal Mirror, to raise my vibration?

When you ask this question – and commit to stay away from judging yourself – raising your vibration is inevitable – and once your vibration rises, you get in alignment with your desires. Now, give thanks and allow your desires to flow into your life.

This is a Guest Post from Kristen Howe

Krsiten HoweKristen Howe is an internationally known writer and author for her work in the area of manifestation. She runs the popular LoA blog – The Law of Attraction Key.

In her own words:

It is my passion to live big, create big, love big and help other people Go Big through inspired action and the law of attraction…

And the best way I can see to do that is to help them learn how to harness the Law of Attraction, is by helping you understand the Law of Attraction Key. And that is what this site and this newsletter is about… the key.

You can also visit her at http://www.newmessageofamaster.com/

There you can download a FREE PDF featuring 16 Forgotten Manifesting Laws

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