Attract a House Positive Affirmations


Here are your positive affirmations that will help you think positively and attract a house.

The most important factors in successfully manifesting the reality you desire are: focusing your mind on positive thoughts, and maintaining a deep belief in the reality you wish to create. You’d be surprised at what’s possible if you can achieve this state of mind. This is exactly how you need to align your mind if you intend to tap into the law of attraction.

These positive affirmations have been written to help you clear away any negative thoughts that may be interfering with your ability to bring a new house into physical existence. The more you clear the mind for positive thinking, the greater the chance that things in your life will align in such a fashion that owning a new house will become a reality for you.

Before you get started, we’d like to recommend that you not only repeat these affirmations to yourself regularly, but also try to visualize what it will feel like to own your new house, visualization and imagination are very powerful tools.

With a sincere effort you can manifest the house of your dreams – Believe!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am attracting a house
My mind is fully focused on owning a new home
I am visualizing what it will be like to own my dream house
I am doing whatever it takes to attract a new house into my life
I am using the power of my thoughts to attract a new home
I believe in my ability to attract my dream home
I am destined to have a new house
I am using the law of attraction to manifest a new house
I can see myself in my new house
I am thinking positively and attracting a house


Future Tense Affirmations
I will attract a new house
A beautiful house is in my future
My power to manifest is growing stronger each day
My mind is becoming completely focused on manifesting the house of my dreams
I will think positively and bring a new house in to existence
I am changing into someone who will stop at nothing to attain a new house
Each day I find it easier to picture myself in my new home
I can feel my mind beginning to align with the reality of owning my dream home
I will do everything possible to get a new house
I am getting closer to owning a house


Natural Affirmations
I am naturally attracting a house
It’s easy for me to visualize myself attracting a house
Manifesting a house is something I will just naturally do
I believe deeply that I am attracting a new home
I find it easy to think positively about owning my new home
I naturally manifest whatever I focus my mind on
I find it easy to focus my mind on attracting a house
Thinking positively is something I just do naturally
I am tapping into the law of attraction to effortlessly attract a new home
I just know that I will attract a house



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 Recommended Tools to Attract a House

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