Become A Good Parent Positive Affirmations


Here are our parenting positive affirmations! Becoming a good parent is a well sought-after trait that is crucial to raising a family. You don’t become a good parent over night– experienced parents will tell you how much hard work and dedication goes into it. Being a parent is a full-time job, and balancing it with other aspects of your life is extremely challenging.

Whether you’re new to parenting or you have previous experience, exercising your mind with these positive affirmations will improve your confidence in your parenting skills. You’ll see the difference, but more importantly your children will benefit from the changes in your more self-assured approach to parenting. Your influence is vital, as they follow your example through life, and these free affirmations will develop you into an adult who can raise confident, strong individuals.

Choose the set of affirmations here that you like the most and try them out. You’ll find yourself in a better position to care for your kids and give them everything they deserve from you.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a good parent
I listen to my kids
I use discipline when it is necessary
I am in-tune to my children’s needs
I deal with situations accordingly
I am a confident parent
My children respect me
I love my kids
I would do anything for my kids
I set an excellent example for my kids


Future Tense Affirmations
I will stop spoiling my children
I will pay attention to their desires
I will establish rules
I will stop setting limits for my children
I will make sure my kids are confident
I will help my children achieve independence
I will be involved in my children’s lives
I will be consistent
I will treat my kids with respect
I am becoming a better parent by the day


Natural Affirmations
I naturally pay attention to my kids
I spend time with my children
I always respect my kids
I love my children for who they are
I praise my children for their accomplishments
Others see me as a confident, loving parent
I naturally help my children feel comfortable
I know how to help my kids feel safe
I enjoy spending time with my kids
I naturally let my kids experience life for themselves



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Be More Persistent Subliminal: Your children need to know that you will follow through on everything you do and say, whether you’re promising a play date or laying down the laws. It takes persistence and consistency to follow up on your word, and your kids have to be able to trust you. Be a parent your kids can respect with the help of this persistency subliminal. This invaluable free resource is the best website out there for getting you all the information you need as a parent. Covering every stage you will need, from pregnancy to big kids, this website is packed with information. Take a few minutes and try out this free site today!