Become A Surgeon Positive Affirmations


Being a surgeon is one of the most helpful, challenging, and rewarding professions there is. Not only do you have to be completely competent in the operating room at all times, but you have to know every intricacy of your profession inside and out. Surgeons are incredibly dedicated to their work and confident in their own abilities.

Full faith in one’s own abilities is perhaps the most crucial attribute of being a surgeon. Any sort of hesitancy or slight of hand could mean life or death, and it’s up to you to keep your head above the water to focus on your capabilities. While medical knowledge and abilities certainly cover a majority of the tools you need to succeed as a surgeon, being a surgeon also requires tremendous amounts of self-confidence and self-awareness. A level head and a love for what you do will give you attainment in the operating room and will even lead to a better you in other areas of your life as well.

Whatever branch of surgery you desire to explore, it is crucial to your success that you can focus on your work and training at all times. Through positive thought and strength from within, there will be nothing you can’t accomplish in any aspect of your life. Pick an affirmation type that speaks to you and practice them as often as you wish to fully reap the benefits of positive affirmations and to become a better surgeon.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a fantastic surgeon
I love what I do
I am an expert in my field
I always keep my cool
I am level-headed under pressure
I am confident in my abilities
I help people every day
I have the best job in the world
I can handle crisis
My training is top-notch


Future Tense Affirmations
I will focus more on the job at hand
My skills as a surgeon will only improve
I will be sharp and focused in the operating room
My skills will become more fine-tuned over time
I will believe in my own abilities
I will do the best job I can possibly do
I will handle stress with ease
I will respect the human body
My knowledge will expand over time
I will be dedicated to my work


Natural Affirmations
I was born to be a surgeon
I am incredibly intelligent in my field
I am patient and intent on my work
I have the natural abilities of a surgeon
There is no other job I’d rather have
I want nothing more than to excel at my job
I am constantly exceeding my own expectations
Being a surgeon is what I was meant to do
I have a sharp, concentrated mind
I’m perfect for the job of a surgeon

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Recommended Tools For Becoming A Surgeon

Improve Concentration Subliminal: A surgeon’s biggest ally is his or her own sense of concentration. When your mind is sharp and attentive, you will be on your A-game in the operating room and well on your way to a long, successful career. This subliminal is designed to improve your concentration so that you’ll be ready to work at any time and accomplish everything you set out to achieve in your medical field.

Fear of Failure Hypnosis: A wavering sense of self-confidence is lethal to the success of a surgeon. You have to be always aware of your abilities and never once have an inkling of self-doubt in the hospital. This hypnosis session will put out those hazardous feelings of failure immediately, and it will instantly build a solid foundation of confidence on which you can construct your endless medical accomplishments. Start out your career path strong by tearing down any feeling of failure and building your self-assurance with the help of this highly recommended hypnosis CD.

Calm Under Pressure Subliminal: In some cases, medical training can only get you so far before you’re forced into a stressful situation in the operating room. If you struggle with composing yourself under pressure, don’t worry! This subliminal will completely get rid of your nerves and keep you level-headed while performing an operation. Don’t wait until you lose yourself under pressure; check out this fantastic subliminal and ease your anxieties today.