Become A Teacher Positive Affirmations


As a teacher, you are the guiding force for our world’s future. You are not only an educator, but a role model, and thus a critical part of society. You will influence hundreds of children in the coming years, and you will inspire them in ways they may never properly appreciate.

Being a teacher has a vast amount of benefits; you have summers off, a regular schedule, and time to spend with family and friends. But it’s also a lot of work, and it’s common for aspiring teachers to be unprepared or thrown off guard by the arresting amount of energy required of teachers. Other employees can leave the office for the night and not have to think about work until the following morning, but as a teacher you must dedicate time outside of the school day to grading papers and making tests and the like. You are ultimately responsible for the education (and therefore the future) of every child in your care, and you are expected to guide them safely from one concept to the next.

If the stress of your occupation is wearing you down, it’s time you built up your self-image with these free positive affirmations for teaching. It’s your responsibility to ensure the confidence and education of the children you teach, and you have the power to change their lives completely for the better. You can restore trust and confidence in them, but first you must hold confidence and trust in yourself with these affirmations for teaching.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am an excellent teacher
I love working with children
I understand children
I develop new material in a way that’s easy for them to learn
I am a confident educator
I see each child individually
I adapt to every student’s strengths and weaknesses
I am disciplinary when need be
The students respect me
I am changing lives every day


Future Tense Affirmations
I will stop teaching to the test
I will do what’s best for the education of each student
I am developing the children into excited learners
I will be invested in the education of each child
I will make learning fun
I will be creative when teaching lessons
Parents, children, and colleagues will respect me as a remarkable teacher
I will do what’s in the best interest of each student
I will devote my time to teaching
My grading will be fair and precise


Natural Affirmations
I am a natural teacher
I’ve always wanted to be a teacher
Teaching others comes naturally to me
I am always coming up with creative ideas for lessons
I am always open-minded to what the children need
I am a great source of guidance for the children
My classroom atmosphere is fun and inviting
I maintain a friendly learning environment
My students see me as a great teacher
I am a wonderful role model for the students

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