Become More Outgoing Positive Affirmations


Positive affirmations can greatly improve your life and wellbeing in many different ways. By using them, you will have the power to think differently and change the way you react to stressful situations. People who think positive thoughts are much more likely to be happier in life.

If your personal goal is to become more outgoing, then look no further than our positive affirmations on this page. By saying them regularly, the more outgoing tasks in life will become much less scary and you may find that your frame of mind on them will change completely. The key to positive affirmations is regularity and consistency.

Becoming more outgoing could be a much more important goal in your life than you may initially think. By entering a new location where you would not normally go you instantly increase your chances of making business links, making friends and finding a romantic partner.

We believe our positive affirmations are essential if you would like to become more outgoing. Why not try them for yourself?

Present Tense Affirmations
I am able to go anywhere I want
I can attend events without my friends
I am confident even when I do not know anybody
I can overcome shyness
I am going to make more friends
I feel comfortable speaking to people I don’t know
I can remain relaxed in unfamiliar locations
My social life is very important
I am the centre of attention at parties
I feel good when I try something new


Future Tense Affirmations
I will be more spontaneous
I will be able to go out whenever I like
I will improve my social life
I will say yes more often
I will make more effort to go out
I find that I am more adventurous every day
I am becoming naturally outgoing
I am transforming into an extrovert
I will become more outgoing
I will be more comfortable in any situation that comes my way


Natural Affirmations
I enjoy myself when I try new things
My social life is extremely important to me
Being more outgoing allows me to have more fun
Meeting new people is easy
I like being spontaneous
Being outgoing comes naturally to me
I find it easy to meet new people
I can do anything I believe I can do
I enjoy being more outgoing
Being outgoing is an improvement in my life


You can download the Become More Outgoing Affirmations as an mp3 or CD and listen passively as you go about with your day.

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 Recommended Resources to Become More Outgoing

Overcoming Shyness Subliminal: This album comes from our favourite online subliminal messaging site and is a quick and simple way to overcome shyness. This is especially useful if you find that you are not outgoing due to being too shy to meet new people

Improve Confidence Hypnosis: If you find that you are not outgoing, the main cause for this tends to be lack of confidence. This hypnosis mp3 is excellent for improving confidence so will be able to help with becoming more outgoing and any other confidence issues in your life that you may have

Become More Outgoing Subliminal: This album specifically aims to improve how outgoing you are so is an excellent choice to make. The subliminal messages within it are positive affirmations that exclusively target issues of how outgoing you are in order to try and improve this as much as possible