Dealing With Confrontation Positive Affirmations


Confronting an issue or a person that is bothering you can be an extremely stressful ordeal if you make it one. Building confrontation up to be a looming terror makes the issue larger and larger and you smaller and smaller, powerless to stop whatever is standing in your way from your true happiness.

There’s a secret to confrontation that makes it a lot easier to understand; it doesn’t get easier if you avoid it. There is no special way of looking at things to make it seem like they’re looking up when the issue is still breathing down your back. There’s nothing you can do if you don’t come to terms with what’s bothering you. It might take a deep breath, maybe a few reassuring words to yourself, but ultimately you’re going to have to come face to face with whatever the problem may be.

Another secret to dealing with confrontation is that it does get easier if you practice. With enough confidence and self reassurance you will find yourself able to handle any situation, simple or complex. Painful as it may be, you have to deal with confronting your fears; it’s the only way they will be soothed. These positive affirmations will put you in touch with your inner strength and give you the courage to confront any issue, any time.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am strong willed
I am a confident individual
I handle myself well in situations involving others
I am well respected and appreciated
I can face anything that is bothering me
I am able to face my problems
I am self sufficient
I do what I need to do to be happy
Nothing frightens me
I am emboldened by my own inner strength


Future Tense Affirmations
I will be level headed and relaxed
I will confront the problem with confidence
I will trust myself to do the right thing
I will be composed and articulate
I will take charge of the issue
I will learn to face my fears
I am becoming a strong, independent spirit
I will hold myself with a manner of importance
I will stop holding myself back from confronting my fears
I will take control of my life


Natural Affirmations
I have faith in my confrontation courage
I deal with confrontation all the time
I have no troubles confronting people
Nothing stands in the way of my happiness
I believe in myself
I can handle any problem
I am clever and level headed
I deal with my problems on a daily basis
Confronting my issues is not a big deal
I deal with problems in a composed, intelligent manner



Dealing with Confrontation audio affirmations

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Recommended Tools for Dealing With Confrontation

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