Early Riser Positive Affirmations


Tired of sleeping in and never getting up when you want to? These positive affirmations will give a big boost to anyone who wants to be an early riser that just pops out of bed each morning ready to make the most out of every day.

The time we wake up each day is influenced by habitual patterns that exist within our minds AND our bodies. Not only do you have to train your body with new sleep and wake times, but you also have to restructure the way your mind interacts with the processes of sleeping and waking.

The way you react to your alarm clock first thing in the morning is unconscious and habitual, but you can use these positive affirmations to change these deep seated habits and improve your entire life for the better by naturally waking up early, utilizing every day to it’s full potential, and feeling fresh and full of energy on a daily basis!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am an early riser
Every day I wake up feeling fresh and restored
I always wake up early and take full advantage of every day
I wake up early and go to bed when I am tired
I always get a head start
I am in control of my sleeping and waking habits
I always get out of bed as soon as my alarm goes off
I have limitless drive and energy because I wake up early every day
I wake up on time every day
I am awake and being productive while other people are still sleeping


Future Tense Affirmations
I will become an early riser
Each day I gain more control over my sleeping habits
I am finding it easier and easier to wake up early
I will wake up on time every day no matter how hard it is
I will wake up full of energy and purpose as soon as I hear the sound of my alarm
I am starting to feel increased energy the more I wake up early
Being an early riser is feeling more effortless and natural to me every day
I am noticing that waking up early is taking less and less effort
I am turning into someone who immediately wakes up as soon as my alarm goes off
I will take full advantage of every day by waking up early


Natural Affirmations
Waking up early feels effortless and natural
I find that waking up early just feels right
Getting out of bed on time every morning is the reason I accomplish so much with each day
I find it easy to listen to my body and go to sleep when I’m tired
When my alarm goes off I feel myself filling with energy and anticipation for the day ahead
I love the feeling of waking up early and getting a head start
Rising early and feeling refreshed is a normal part of my life
Being in control of my sleeping and waking habits is easy for me
Waking up when my alarm goes off is just what I do every morning
Waking up early and getting out of bed with enthusiasm is something I just do naturally


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