Enjoy Work Positive Affirmations


Work is something we all have to do if we want to be self-sufficient. The thing is though for many of us work isn’t something we like to do; it’s just something we have to do in order to earn money.

If you don’t enjoy work then the best thing for you to do is to quit your job and get a job that you do enjoy doing, this isn’t always a possibility though and the solution then is to learn how to enjoy work.

The reason you don’t enjoy work is down to the belief system you have right now about it and that’s not a very positive belief system. You can change your belief system and develop a positive attitude towards work by using the power of affirmations.

Affirmations are short positive statements that harness the power of repetition to change the way you think and in turn the way you behave. If you take the affirmations on this page and repeat them aloud at least twice each day then you will start to notice that you are actually enjoying work and feel much more positive about it.

Present Tense Affirmations
I find it easy to keep a positive attitude in regards to work
I am always enjoying myself at work
I am confident
I am the most happiest when I am working hard
I enjoy going to work
I am good at my job
I find it easy to get along with my work colleagues
I always look forward to going to work
I am just naturally motivated and driven
I effortlessly get through my work day


Future Tense Affirmations
I am becoming more motivated and driven
I will become more positive about work
I am finding myself more connected to my work colleagues
I am turning into someone who is happy at work
I am finding myself looking forward to work
I will become confident
I will become good at my job
I am turning into a hard worker
I am transforming into someone who enjoys work
I am becoming more happy while at work


Natural Affirmations
I find myself always looking forward to work
I have an abundance of confidence
Being good at my job is something I pride myself on
Being happy at work is my natural rite
I love hard work
Getting on with my work colleagues comes naturally to me
Being motivated and driven is a positive thing in my life
People see me as someone who enjoys work
Having fun at work is something I always do
Work is great


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Recommended Tools to Help You to Enjoy Work

Improve Confidence Subliminal: If you are lacking in confidence then you aren’t going to enjoy work as much as you could do because you are un-sure of your actions and decisions. Improving your confidence will allow you to become more sure of yourself and be more comfortable around your work colleagues.

Business Success Hypnosis: Listening to this hypnosis audio will give you the beliefs and attitudes you need to go far in business. By listening to it you will become more motivated, ambitious, confident and driven; all the things you need to go far in business.

Improve Social Skills Subliminal: One of the biggest reasons people don’t enjoy work is because they feel like they’re not connected to their work colleagues. Listening to this subliminal will help you to improve your social skills so you can make friends with those who you work with and make work much more fun.