Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend Positive Affirmations


After a break up it can be extremely difficult to get your ex out of your head, especially if you feel that the relationship was not too bad in the first place. It can be difficult to move on with your life and our get over your ex girlfriend positive affirmations can help you with this.

Although it can be difficult to stop thinking about your ex partner in the first few months after a break up, it is possible to stop this. Using our positive affirmations can allow you to focus your mind on more important things in life and allow you to realise that you are a strong enough individual to get through this. The affirmations work by replacing the negative thoughts of your subconscious mind with positive ones so you are able to move on with your life as quickly and efficiently as possible.

There are many theories on the best ways to use these affirmations, but usually so long as they are consistently said to yourself they will work. We would recommend picking the affirmations that most apply to you from the lists below and saying them to yourself every morning. It can also be beneficial to say them to yourself whenever you have a negative thought about your ex girlfriend.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am happier without my ex girlfriend
I enjoy being single
I can easily find somebody else
I am confident enough to begin looking for a new relationship
I can move on with my life
I am an eligible bachelor
I am in control of my emotions
Others respect my ability to move on with my life
I find it easy not to think about my ex
I can spend more time with my friends


Future Tense Affirmations
I am naturally becoming more independant
I will be much happier when I forget her
I will find somebody better than her
Every day I think of her less and less
It is becoming easier to get my old life back
I will not feel upset if I see her
I will consciously stop thinking about my ex girlfriend
I am transforming into a happier person
I am becoming more positive with every coming day
II will increase my self esteem and move on


Natural Affirmations
I did not enjoy the time I spent in a relationship with my ex girlfriend
Being single helps me to appreciate my life more
Being single is easy for me
I find it easy not to think about my ex
I have the right to be happy and get on with my life
People admire what a strong person I am
My ex is no longer a major part of my life
I see being single as a positive thing
I find my life easier every day
My life has improved since the break up

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Recommended Tools to Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend

Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend Subliminal: This is the perfect subliminal album to let you get over your ex girlfriend as quickly and effectively as possible. It allows you to stop thinking about her, move on and stop dwelling on the past.

Let Go Of The Past Hypnosis: A particularly effective album to buy if your break up was a while ago and has caused you to start living in the past. Hypnosis can be an extremely beneficial method of becoming more positive and living for today and the future.

Develop a Positive Attitude Subliminal: A good mp3 to pick if you find that you are relatively negative in all aspects of your life. Sometimes a negative attitude can put pressure on a relationship and cause it to end. By becoming more positive about your break up and life in general, you will be much more likely to establish a new relationship and gain a happier way of life.