Improve Chess Skills Positive Affirmations


The power to greatly improve your chess skills starts with positive affirmations! Using these simple affirmations daily will help you develop the correct mindset to transform your chess abilities. While affirmations alone will not improve your game, they can give you the boost you need to improve your comprehension of complex chess strategies and tactics.

Repeat the affirmations below a couple of times a day and you will quickly see significant improvement to your chess skills. You will be more disciplined and have an easier time incorporating new strategies and tactics. The benefits will run over into all aspects of your life, also boosting your concentration.

Three different types of affirmations are available. Give them a try!

Present Tense Affirmations
I have good chess skills
I am very good at playing chess
I am dedicated to improving my chess skills
I understand chess and have the skills necessary to master it
I look forward to playing chess
My understanding of chess strategy is strong
I am highly motivated to study chess tactics
I practice chess strategies every day
I am constantly improving my chess skills
I am a great chess player


Future Tense Affirmations
I will look forward to playing chess
I will enjoy learning about new chess strategies
I am developing better chess skills
I will eagerly learn new chess strategies to improve my skills
I will understand more and more about chess
I will study new chess tactics with ease
I will grow better and better at learning new chess strategies
I will become more effective at mastering chess skills
I will practice chess strategies to improve my play
I will become more dedicated to improving my chess skills


Natural Affirmations
Learning new chess strategies comes naturally to me
My chess skills are becoming stronger each day
Being motivated to practice chess comes naturally to me
Adopting new chess tactics comes easily to me
Each day, I become a better chess player
Practicing new chess skills is enjoyable
Studying chess is an important and fun part of my daily life
Each day I find myself looking forward to using new chess skills
Understanding chess strategy is easy for me
Every day, I learn new chess strategies


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