Improve Memory Positive Affirmations


Having a great memory can boost all facets of your life, from increasing your grades, to jump starting your career, to being more popular with those around you. Our Improve Memory Positive Affirmations are designed to clear the fog from your mind so you can capture information the first time you learn it and recall it swiftly.

Practicing these affirmations regularly will enable you to remember appointments, birthdays, and facts easily and automatically. If you stick to it and use them every day, you will become someone with a naturally sharp and accurate memory far above what most people possess.

There has never been a better time than now to fuel your social life, raise your grades, and foster your career!

Present Tense Affirmations
I recall information quickly
I store new facts efficiently
I have a great memory
I am known for my great memory
I have a clear mind
I always remember people’s birthdays
I remember appointments accurately
I always remember names and faces
I have a reliable memory
I easily concentrate


Future Tense Affirmations
My memory is improving
I will sharpen my memory
I am improving my memory
I am developing a strong memory
I will always remember appointments
I am strengthening my memory
I will increase my focus
I am starting to easily remember birthdays
My memory is becoming perfect
I will accurately remember things in high detail


Natural Affirmations
I have a perfect memory
My memory is excellent
My mind is clear and focused
Others recognize my sharp memory
Remembering events in high detail is easy
Focusing comes naturally to me
Remembering birthdays is easy
Others rely on me to remember facts
Recalling information is natural
I can improve my memory as much as I want


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Recommended Tools to Improve Memory

Photographic Memory Development Subliminal: Through subliminal messaging, this album will stimulate and rewire the parts of your mind responsible for retaining and recalling information. It will increase your grades while decreasing study time, and allow you to learn and process information quickly.

Improve Memory Hypnosis: Hypnotic suggestions played through this album are aimed to refresh your mind and allow information to enter it unhindered. You will then be able to retain it and recall it easily.

Boost Your Memory Subliminal: Through 5 different tracks, this album will increase your ability to recall information effortlessly. It works through subliminal messages to retrain your brain and clear out negative patterns to improve focus and sharpen your memory.