Improve Physical Flexibility Positive Affirmations


Improving your flexibility is useful in a variety of areas, sports and daily life included. Doing regular stretching exercises is important, but it’s simply not enough if you want to really make progress with your physical flexibility.

Setting high goals for yourself, pushing yourself, and being psychologically fit for improving flexibility are all areas of mental development that are crucial to becoming more flexible.
These affirmations will be sure to enforce your agility mindset and keep you focused on achieving your flexibility ambitions.

Consistency is critical when setting high standards for yourself, especially in areas of extreme physical stress such as stretching. Follow these basic affirmations on a regular basis and you’ll be reaching your goals in no time at all!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am flexible
I can do many complex stretches
I am focused on improving my flexibility
I have strong levels of concentration
I am able to hold a stretch for a long period of time
My muscles are fashioned for stretching
I am boosting my levels of flexibility every day
Stretching is part of my daily routine
I am confident with my flexibility
I have strong muscles for flexibility


Future Tense Affirmations
I am becoming very flexible
My stretching routines are paying off
I will enjoy stretching
I will take my time with every stretch
I will keep high goals for myself
I am developing healthier muscles with every stretch
My flexibility will improve
I will concentrate on stretching
I am getting stronger
I will refine my elasticity


Natural Affirmations
I am naturally flexible
Stretching is easy for me
I hold high standards for myself when stretching
I have a fundamental stretching technique
My muscle tone is steady
I have a durable mindset
Becoming more flexible is a major goal in my life
I have naturally strong muscles
Stretching is a part of my life
Holding a stretch for a long period of time is simple for me

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Recommended Resources to Improve Your Flexibility

Improve Physical Flexibility Subliminal: The intent of this subliminal is to really concentrate on your flexibility. Focus even more on your own flexibility with this subliminal that will guide you step-by-step on developing your physical strength and muscle-tone so you can do those complex stretches you’ve been aiming for.

Increase Motivation Hypnosis: Motivation is perhaps the most important part of increasing your flexibility. No motivation results in no desire to stretch and little positive results. This album is designed to fuel your motivation in any direction you so desire, in this case towards increasing your flexibility. Use this album to keep your motivation high and your stretching abilities higher.

Self Discipline Subliminal: Your level of flexibility is entirely dependent on how much stretching and time you put into improving it. Staying focused and not letting yourself get away with poor stretching or bad technique will get you that much closer to becoming as flexible as you aim to be. Do not allow yourself to slip, use this subliminal to keep yourself on track and to keep working towards your ambitions.

How to Improve Flexibility: Find the physical balance of improving your flexibility on this invaluable guide to increasing flexibility. This website hits all the basics; eating right, the proper stretches, and the proper technique to improving your flexibility.