Learn Romanian Positive Affirmations


You can learn the Romanian language much faster and more easily with these free positive affirmations! They will help you to tap into Romanian language patterns, access the ideal mental approach to language learning, and help to instill a more natural “feel” for the language deep within your consciousness.

The interesting thing about the mind is that it learns in a way that we can’t completely comprehend, even scientists aren’t totally sure how we learn new information. But many people on the cutting edge of mental development believe that the mind learns intuitively, and its most efficient when the conscious mind gets out of the way and stops struggling to learn new information.

An example of this is the fact that you don’t have to think about how to speak your native language, it just happens. And this is the key to learning any language much more rapidly. You have to create a space within your mind for allowing the new language information to more naturally penetrate your conscious mind and register itself deeply.

These affirmations have been written to help you access this ideal approach to learning and specifically for learning the Romanian language. And if you recite them on a daily basis you will notice a huge improvement in your efforts!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am quickly learning Romanian
I am a Romanian speaker
My mind is tuned-in to the Romanian language
I memorize Romanian words easily
I practice my Romanian regularly
My brain stores Romanian language patterns
I am extremely focused on learning Romanian
I understand Romanian perfectly
My mind easily picks up new language patterns
I am able to detect small details of language


Future Tense Affirmations
I will learn Romanian
I will become a fluent Romanian speaker
I am finding it easier and easier to understand Romanian
I am developing a passion for Romanian
My Romanian is getting stronger
My mind is starting to learn more efficiently
I am finding myself speaking Romanian more naturally
I will have fun learning Romanian
Romanian is becoming a natural part of my mind
I will effortlessly speak Romanian


Natural Affirmations
Speaking Romanian feels natural
I enjoy studying Romanian
I can learn Romanian easily
I effortlessly pick up on new Romanian words
Speaking Romanian is just a normal part of who I am
I love the Romanian language
Learning a new language is an important part of my life
I am the kind of person who just never gives up
My mind is naturally wired for learning Romanian
Romanian feels as though it’s my mother tongue

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