Learn Tagalog Positive Affirmations


Tagalog is one of the two main languages of the Philippines, with the other being Tagalog. If you are planning to travel to the philippines, or move there for a period of time, you can really impress people by learning this language!

These positive affirmations are going to help you fast track your Tagalog language studies by enhancing the way your mind learns. You will feel much more relaxed and focused, your mind will naturally absorb new information at a higher rate, and you will eventually “just get” the Tagalog language!

Read over the following affirmations and choose your favorites. Then recite these affirmations to yourself at least once per day, ideally twice, and you will begin to notice a profound change in the ease at which you learn. It can be especially beneficial to say them to yourself as you fall asleep at night, or right before a session of Tagalog studies, to get your mind in the ideal state for learning.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a Tagalog speaker
I am learning Tagalog quickly
My mind is focused on learning Tagalog
I practice my Tagalog regularly
My brain stores Tagalog words efficiently
I am extremely motivated to learn Tagalog
I memorize Tagalog words easily
I understand Tagalog perfectly
I retain new information perfectly
I am highly intuitive with languages


Future Tense Affirmations
I will learn Tagalog
I am finding it easier and easier to understand Tagalog
My Tagalog is getting stronger
Tagalog is becoming a natural part of my mind
I will effortlessly speak Tagalog
My mind will focus deeply on mastering the Tagalog language
I will absorb new information efficiently
I will become a fluent Tagalog speaker
I will have fun learning Tagalog
I am developing a passion for Tagalog


Natural Affirmations
Speaking Tagalog feels natural
I enjoy studying Tagalog
Learning a new language is something I will just do naturally
I can set my mind on a goal and achieve it
I can learn Tagalog easily
Speaking Tagalog is just a normal part of who I am
I love the Tagalog language
I effortlessly pick up on new Tagalog words
My mind is naturally wired for learning Tagalog
Tagalog feels as though it’s my mother tongue

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