Learn To Say No Positive Affirmations


You can learn to say no with the help of these positive affirmations. They will empower you to stand up for youself, set firm boundaries with others, and be confident in your ability to just simply say no.

In addition to using these affirmations at least twice every day, you should also choose your favorite ones to memorize so you can easily call on them whenever you need. They will really help you psyche yourself up to say no, stand up for yourself, and take control of any situation.

You deserve to live life the way you want, and to be firm with other people when needed. Get started with these affirmations today and gain a new found confidence in your ability to say no!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am firm with others when needed
I am in touch with my needs
I am confident in my ability to say no
I always stand up for myself
I can take control of any situation
I set firm boundaries with others
I set standards for myself and stick to them
I am in firm control of my life
I assert my thoughts and opinions with confidence
Others respect my ability to stand up for myself


Future Tense Affirmations
I will say no when needed
I will always stand up for myself
I will demand respect from others
Saying no is becoming easier
Each day I feel more comfortable saying no to others
I am transforming into someone who is confident and firm with others
I am turning into a confident and in control person
Every day I feel more in control of my life
I am becoming naturally assertive and in control
Setting personal boundaries is becoming easier


Natural Affirmations
I have the right to say no
I find it easy to turn others down
Saying no is a normal part of life
Standing up to others is easy for me
I am naturally confident and strong
Saying no comes naturally to me
People see me as someone who is strong and assertive
People admire my ability to take control of a situation
I can be firm with someone if I need to be
Setting boundaries is a normal part of my every day life



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