Life of My Design Positive Affirmations


Submitted By: Alex Woods

Living life on someone else’s terms isn’t the way to go. The only way to truly live life is to live it on your own terms, to design a life of your own. Designing a life of your own means taking action to live how you want to live and not just going about your day to day with no aim in mind. I’m sure you’ve already got an idea of what you want from life and the positive affirmations on this page when used will help you to achieve all that you want from life no matter what it might be.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am living a life of my own design
I am confident with my skills and abilities
I am an action taker
I am free of any negativie thinking, I only think positively
I am extremly focused on achieving success
I am in 100% control of my own life
I find it easy to think positive
I find it easy to set goals and achieve them
I am a hard worker
I have an intense desire to get all I can from life


Future Tense Affirmations
I will keep moving forward no matter what happens
I will live a life of my design
I am finding myself more confident each day
I am turning into someone who is highly focused
I am finding myself more sure of myself by the day
I will go after what I want
I will have detailed plans to achieving my goals
I am turning into a success magnet
I am transforming into someone who shuns the daily grind and goes after what they want
I will take action every day


Natural Affirmations
I have everything I need to get where I want to get in life
I find it easy to think only positive thoughts
I know I am destined for great things
When I think about my dreams I get a rush of excitement
I know that my future is going to be nothing short of amazing
Taking action is easy for me
I enjoy going after the things I truly want
People are always saying how hard working I am
People look up to me as a source of living life on your own terms
I always have high levels of motivation



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