Love Cleaning Positive Affirmations


These are our positive affirmations to help you love cleaning. Most of us hate cleaning, see it as a chore, and often put it off until the last minute. Amazingly, you can actually change your attitude towards cleaning and learn to love the process of keeping your home sparkling clean.

We always recommend that you use our positive affirmations at least twice daily, but these ones are a bit special in that they are most powerful if you use them right before starting your housework or cleaning duties. You will notice that you no longer see cleaning as a chore, you get much more done in less time, and you develop a natural passion for maintaining a tidy household.

Get started with these love cleaning positive affirmations today and completely change your negative attitude towards cleaning.

Present Tense Affirmations
I love cleaning
I always clean as I go
I enjoy maintaining a neat and tidy house
I am a clean person
I always clean up first and then relax
I have a regular cleaning schedule and I stick to it
I always clean things before they get too dirty
I always tidy up after myself
My bathroom is healthy and clean
I have a natural drive to keep things clean


Future Tense Affirmations
I am beginning to enjoy cleaning
I will always clean up after myself
I will consistently maintain a tidy home
I am turning into someone whose home is always tidy
I am starting to get into the routine of regularly cleaning up after myself
Cleanliness and hygiene are becoming more and more important to me
I am beginning to get the hang of cleaning as I go
I am starting to notice how good it feels to have a clean house
Every day it becomes easier to keep the bathroom clean
I am developing the mindset of someone who is effortlessly clean and hygienic


Natural Affirmations
I enjoy cleaning
Cleanliness comes naturally to me
Cleaning regularly is a normal part of my everyday routine
I just love the feeling of a neat and tidy house
Keeping everything clean is an important part of my life
I find that doing the housework actually calms me down
I always clean up after myself, it’s just the way I am
People see me as someone who is always neat and tidy
It is important to me that my house be clean and healthy
Whenever I make a mess I just clean it up


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Recommended Tools to Love Cleaning

Love Cleaning & Housework Subliminal: If you have a hard time keeping your home clean or motivating yourself to tidy up, this subliminal track will be perfect for you. Simply listen to the subliminal affirmations and begin to effortlessly change the way you think and feel about cleaning and housework.

Love Cleaning Hypnosis: A great tool that will reach deep into your subconscious and reprogram your mind to see cleaning in a positive light. Natural Hypnotherapy is simple yet extremely powerful stuff, with each session you will feel more naturally motivated and energized to live a life of cleanliness. – VERY EFFECTIVE

Enjoy Cleaning Subliminal: Another subliminal audio tool to help you become someone that enjoys cleaning and always keeps things tidy and organized.