Marathon Training Positive Affirmations


Over 500 marathons are held each year and participating in one requires a significant level of fitness and that means loads of hard training.

If you are participating in a marathon then you need to make sure that you train and though training for one involves pushing your physical body to the limits, your mind still plays a big part in the scheme of things.

This is because your mind has a direct impact on your body and also on what you believe you can do. 99% of times our bodies are capable of doing more but we believe they are not so we don’t push ourselves to our full limits.

If you want to successfully compete in a marathon and maybe even win one then you need to make sure you have the right mindset and the positive affirmations on this page will help you to develop the right mindset.

By repeating them aloud at least twice each day with confidence you will start to become a positive thinker and will develop the attitude and beliefs needed to really push yourself hard so you can win, in other words you’ll have the mindset of a winner.

Present Tense Affirmations
I just naturally follow my training schedule
I am a positive thinker
I am committed to training for my marathon
I always strive to push myself
I am a natural born runner
I am always eating healthily
I find it easy to push myself
I am always motivated to train
I just naturally look forward to training
I love running


Future Tense Affirmations
I am becoming more motivated by the day
I will become a healthy eater
I will complete a marathon
I will run even when I don’t feel like it
I am becoming someone who keeps on pushing themselves
I will follow my training schedule
I will learn to love running
I am building up my endurance
I am transforming into an excellent marathon runner
I am becoming fitter and fitter


Natural Affirmations
Training for a marathon comes easy to me
I find being motivated easy
Positive thinking comes naturally to me
I love to train
I always make sure to eat healthily
I have an insane desire to push my body to its limits
I have an abundance of endurance
People see me as someone who is dedicated
Running is fun
I love nothing more than doing an intense training session

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Recommended Marathon Training Tools

Running Training Aid Subliminal: By listening to this subliminal you will re-wire your mind so you enjoy running and when it’s time for you to go for a run you actually go and run instead of sitting around making excuses. You will also become someone who pushes themselves with their running so you give it a 110% and really push your physical body so you can get fitter and healthier.

Motivation To Exercise Hypnosis: If you find that you lack motivation to go out and do your training then this hypnosis will be a big help. Listening to it will give you that much needed motivation to actually get out and go for a run and do your training, you will become an action taker instead of an excuse maker.

Diet Willpower Subliminal: To be able to run a marathon you need to be in shape and part of that requires that you eat properly. This subliminal will help you to do that by giving you the willpower you need to stick your diet.

Marathon Training Guide For Beginners: If you are new to training for a marathon then this guide will provide you with information on training and nutrition so you can get in the shape needed to complete your first marathon.