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Especially for the naturally introverted, starting conversations can be an absolute nightmare. You may find it difficult to initially approach somebody you would like to speak to or find it extremely tricky to think of a good topic of conversation. We understand that starting conversations come more naturally to some people, but for others positive affirmations can help.

Most people use positive affirmations in their daily lives without even realising it. Telling yourself that you are strong enough to complete a task is an example of this. By using them in a structural and consistent manner, you are able to improve your chances of success in any field you wish to try.

To improve your conversations starting skills, simply choose a few of the affirmations below that you believe will benefit you most. Begin by saying them to yourself every day – you could even look at yourself in a mirror while you recite them. Use the affirmations before starting a conversation, going over them in your head before you do this will soon begin to feel natural to you.


Present Tense Affirmations
I can effortlessly come up with conversation topics
I am able to approach others and begin a conversation
I am at ease in social situations
I am able to overcome awkward situations when they arise
I am confident enough to be able to start a conversation
I am good at finding things I have in common with others
I do not care what other people think
I am happy to be myself in a conversation
I can advance my career by starting more conversations
I do not worry about making small talk


Future Tense Affirmations
I will be able to speak to anybody I like
Every day I become more confident
I will not worry about what others think of me
I will not be intimidated by others
I will be able to effortlessly approach people
I will improve my topics for starting conversations
I will be able to make more friends
Every day I become more relaxed in social situations
Starting conversations will begin to feel more natural
I will be more likely to find a soul mate by starting a conversation


Natural Affirmations
Starting a conversation is simple
I enjoy speaking to new people
Making more contacts will help me advance my career
Confidence is a key part of my life
Each time I start a conversation I broaden my horizons
Starting conversations comes naturally to me
People admire my communication skills
Making small talk is easy
I am confident in my personality
Other people have high opinions of my communication skills


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