Online Poker Positive Affirmations


Online poker is a hobby that can be fun, thrilling, and exciting! Not only is online poker a great way to play your game, but it can be as competitive as you want it to be; whether you want to play for money or just play for free, online poker allows you to compete against poker players from around the world.

The best part about poker, be it digital or physical, is the suspense. Sometimes the stress of poker can get to us, though, particularly when it comes to playing against people we can’t see. Keeping your head in the game and remembering that it is an actual game is especially important for online poker. It’s easier to lose track of ourselves when we can’t physically feel the atmosphere of the game, so it’s imperative to keep control and play smart.

If you find that you’re struggling in your online poker games, worry no longer! These free positive affirmations are designed to meticulously pinpoint your sources of error and adjust them, so you will find yourself collecting the money (real or imaginary) in no time at all. Try these positive affirmations for online poker whenever you’re on a losing streak.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a fantastic poker player
I am confident in my abilities
I think about my moves
I focus on the game
I love the game of online poker
I keep the game under my control
My mindset is trained for online poker
I raise the stakes steadily
I know the aspects of the game inside and out
I have superb concentration skills


Future Tense Affirmations
I will pay more attention to poker
I will develop the focus necessary for online poker
I will simply enjoy the game
I will play with high intensity
I am becoming the best poker player online
My poker skills will develop wonderfully
I am a rising online poker star
I will hone in on my poker skills
My poker intuition is improving
I will stop stressing about online poker


Natural Affirmations
I always win online poker games
I live and breathe poker
I am the most superior online poker player
No one can match my poker skills
My mind is designed for poker
I am a poker master
Online poker comes naturally to me
I live for the suspense of poker
Online poker is important to me
I am a natural at online poker

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