Pass Your Driving Test Positive Affirmations


While you already realize how much easier life will be after you pass your driving test, you may not realize how much nerves and distractions can inhibit your ability to pass. These pass your driving test positive affirmations are designed to steady your nerves, increase your confidence, and allow you to focus when you are behind the wheel during your driving test.

You have seen drivers that remain calm under pressure, effortlessly sailing through one obstacle after another. They possess the self-awareness and focus required to control their nerves and eliminate distractions. You could be that driver after committing yourself to practicing these affirmations.

These affirmations will take you from a nervous tester to confident driving test success. Make the commitment to using these affirmations regularly so you can take control of the wheel and pass your driving test with flying colors!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am sailing through my driving test
I am a focused driver
I am confident in my driving abilities
I am calm and relaxed behind the wheel
I enjoy driving
I am an aware driver
I am staying calm during my driving test
I am enjoying my driving test
I am focusing on passing my driving test
I am passing my test


Future Tense Affirmations
I will be confident during my driving test
I will be focused behind the wheel
I will remain calm during my test
I will enjoy taking my driving test
I will concentrate on my driving
I will be free from distractions
I will pass my driving test
I will thrive under pressure
I will stay in control while taking my test
I am going to easily pass my test


Natural Affirmations
Driving comes naturally to me
I have confidence in my driving
Focusing is easy for me
My concentration level is high
Driving tests are easy to me
My demeanor is calm
Others see me as a careful driver
My awareness is high when behind the wheel
My emotions are controlled
Driving tests are fun


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