Positive Self Talk Positive Affirmations


Talking to yourself isn’t always a bad thing; oftentimes we verbally encourage ourselves to keep going, to make it through, to succeed in life. What we tell ourselves throughout the day is a general part of success or failure, whether we actually say it aloud or inside our heads.

Negative self talk usually builds up when we put ourselves down as kids. It’s terribly hard to live in a peaceful existence when we are always at the mercy of our own criticism. Building a positive self-image through telling ourselves positive things is the best and most efficient way to feel good about ourselves. You have to slowly create an upbeat fortress around yourself, so you can deflect those negative terrors.

If you’re looking to try positive self talk, give these affirmations a try! They’ll be a great help and promote a fantastic new you to flourish from behind your self-bullying. Practice them regularly for the best results.

Present Tense Affirmations
I encourage myself
I am fully confident in myself
I see only the good things in myself
I destroy negative self talk
I am immune to negative thinking
I utilize positive self talk to my advantage
I talk to my mind as needed
I am a strong individual
Positive self talk ensures my independence
I use positive self talk regularly


Future Tense Affirmations
I will get rid of internal negativeness
I will tell myself only positive things
I will stop seeing the bad things in me
I will repeat positive affirmations on a regular basis
I will focus on the positive moments of my life
I will stop comparing myself to others
I will stop putting myself down
My self-image will improve with positive self talk
I am becoming more upbeat
I will stop saying “I can’t”


Natural Affirmations
I naturally talk myself up
I was born a positive person
My awareness of negative talk helps me to eliminate it
I see myself for what I truly am
I constantly remind myself of the good things in my life
I concentrate on my positive attributes
I am naturally my own life coach
I avoid personal doubts
I naturally overcome personal challenges
I know that I am a beautiful person



Positive Self Talk audio affirmations

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Recommended Resources For Positive Self Talk

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Natural Self Assurance Hypnosis: Natural self assurance will strengthen countless aspects of your life, as will positive self talk. If you are assured and reliant upon self talk, your new self image will build stronger and quicker than ever before. Enjoy being you with this self assurance album.

Stop Self Sabotage Subliminal: Putting an end to self sabotage is the only way to encourage your own positive self talk. With self sabotage comes a negative self image, and with that comes depression and conflicting views on who you are. See the true you and put an end to self sabotage immediately.

7 Steps to Positive Self Talk: PickTheBrain is a wonderful free online resource that has numerous articles on self-growth and self development. This one in particular targets self talk, and how to go about at achieving it. Check it out, it’s a free resource that’s worth the time!