Resolve Past Shame Positive Affirmations


Struggling with past shame? Having a tough time forgiving yourself, making peace, and moving on? These positive affirmations will help you resolve past shame and move forward with your life.

Dealing with past shame can be one of the most difficult experiences in life, and the problem is only made worse by refusing to acknowledge the shame, accept it, and make peace with it. Our first instinct is to run from it, by doing everything possible to not think about it, but this only makes things worse. There is a reason your subconscious won’t let you forget your past shame, and that’s because it’s in your best interest to accept, learn from, and make peace with it. Your inner self truly knows what is best for you, and if you listen, you will transform your past shame into positive personal growth.

These positive affirmations will allow you to tap into your subconscious mind and confront your past shame in a healthy and productive way. The guilt you have inside will begin to melt away as you learn to face yourself sincerely, accept your past, and make peace.

We believe you deserve to live an emotionally healthy and happy life, no matter what you may have done in your past. These affirmations have been designed especially for you, we encourage you to go ahead and get started 🙂

Present Tense Affirmations
I accept my past shame
I am at peace with my guilt
I acknowledge and accept what I have done
I am moving on from my past
I am a better person because I have learned from my past
I am on the path to a better future
I am letting go of my shame
I take full responsibility for my shameful acts
My mind is focused on creating a better future
I accept my guilt and this helps it melt away


Future Tense Affirmations
I will move on with my life
It is becoming easier to accept my shame
Each day I feel more at peace with my past shame
I am starting to release my guilt and build self respect
I will accept my shameful acts and move on with my life
I am beginning to resolve my past shame
I will make peace with myself
I will take responsibility for my past and work to become a better person
I will take sincere ownership of my past shame so that I may let it go
I am transforming into a better person with a brighter future


Natural Affirmations
I have embraced my past shame
Positive growth will come from acknowledging my shameful behavior
Accepting my past is important for having a brighter future
I forgive myself for what I have done
I have made mistakes because I am human
I have learned from my past and am a better person because of it
I deserve to let go of my past
Forgiving myself is important
I am finally moving on with my life
Making peace with myself will help me to move forward



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