Rock Solid Willpower Positive Affirmations


Willpower is another word for self-discipline or self-control and it’s all about being able to have control over your actions so you do the things you are supposed to do and not do the things you aren’t supposed to do.

Having strong willpower will allow you to accomplish the things you want to accomplish. If you want to lose weight or quit smoking then you need rock solid willpower so you keep going to the gym and following your diet or in the case of smoking so you can keep away from the cigarettes and not give into the cravings.

The affirmations on this page will allow you to build rock solid willpower. You just need to make sure that you repeat them on a daily basis.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am someone who takes responsibility for their actions
I am motivated at all times to do what I’m supposed to do
I am 100% dedicated to succeeding
I am in complete control of myself
I have an iron will
I am disciplined
I find it easy to do what I’m supposed to do
I can easily control my actions
I just naturally never give up
I always keep on going no matter how hard things get


Future Tense Affirmations
I am becoming more disciplined each day
I will become someone who takes responsibility for their actions
Every single day I am becoming more in control over my actions
I am turning into someone who is hard working
I will become someone that others see as in control of themselves
I am becoming someone who always takes action
I will become someone who follows through
I am turning into someone who sets goals and achieves them
I will only do the things I am supposed to do
I am turning into someone who never gives up


Natural Affirmations
Self-control comes easily to me
I find completing things easy
Being in control of my actions is the most natural thing in the world
Being a success is my natural rite
Completing the tasks I have started is just something I naturally do
Doing only the things I’m supposed to do has always been something I have done
Taking control of my self has given me nothing but success
Others see me as someone who is hard working and focused
I can easily tap into my willpower
Having control over my impulses is effortless

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Boost Your Willpower

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