Say Yes More Positive Affirmations


Welcome to our positive affirmations that will help you say yes more – say yes to life, to new opportunities, and to new experiences.. to a new, happier, more positive life!

If you’re someone who’s in the habit of passing up new life experiences, you could see huge benefits from using these positive affirmations. Simply choose a few that resonate with you, make sure to find a regular time each day to recite them to yourself, and begin changing the thought patterns that are limiting your life.

These say yes more positive affirmations will help you become someone who naturally craves new situations and adventure, loves meeting new people, and is always ready to say yes to fresh opportunities.

Transform your mind, open yourself to limitless possibilities, and embrace life! – There’s no time like now 🙂

Present Tense Affirmations
I say yes to life
I seek out new adventure
I am open to meeting new people
I say yes when others invite me out
I embrace life and all its amazing possibilities
I want to participate in new and exciting activities
I live my life to the max
I say yes to new experiences
I say yes to meeting new people
I crave the unfamiliar


Future Tense Affirmations
I am noticing myself saying yes more and more
I will say yes to new adventures
I will say yes to meeting new people
Saying yes is making my life much more interesting
I will say yes to a life that is full of possibility
Saying yes is becoming easier every day
I am becoming someone who loves to have new experiences
I am finding it easier to say yes even when part of me wants to say no
I am starting to live an exciting life because I say yes more
Others are beginning to notice that I am saying yes more


Natural Affirmations
I find it easy to say yes
Saying yes more makes my life feel fresh and new
When someone invites me out it’s normal for me to say yes without hesitation
People see me as someone who is open to new adventures
Saying yes to meeting new people is easy for me
Living life to the fullest is what makes me happiest
Saying yes to life is an important part of who I am
Taking chances and living life to the fullest comes naturally to me
Seeking out new experiences is just something I do naturally
I find it exciting when I get nervous about something new and unfamiliar


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