Science Study Skills Positive Affirmations


It is possible to improve your science study skills through the simple use of affirmations! Saying these effective, daily affirmations will gradually help you transform your ability to study for, and recall, scientific material.

By using these affirmations twice a day, you will have better science study skills. You will be more disciplined, have better focus, increased memory, and a greater ability to repeat learned information. The benefits will run over into all aspects of your life, also boosting your motivation, confidence and mood.

With just a little bit of practice and dedication, the affirmations below will improve your confidence and knowledge in addition to your science study skills.

Present Tense Affirmations
I understand science and have the necessary skills to study it
I am very good at studying science
I have good science study skills
I am highly interested in science
I look forward to studying science
I enjoy learning about science
I stay motivated when I study science
I always remember what I have learned about science
I am highly motivated to study science because it is important to me
I find it easy to study science


Future Tense Affirmations
I am becoming better at studying science
I am enjoying learning about science
I am developing better science study skills
I will understand more and more about science
I will become better at studying science because it is important to me
I will find the motivation to study science
I am finding that I have become more effective at studying science
I will remember what I have learned when I study science
I will look forward to studying science
I will have good science study skills


Natural Affirmations
My science study skills are becoming stronger each day
Learning science comes naturally to me
Every day, I study science more easily
Understanding science is easy for me
Studying science is an important part of my daily life
Being motivated to study science is a part of life I enjoy
Each day, I am better able to remember scientific facts
Studying science is awesome
Good science study skills come easily to me
Each day I find myself looking forward to studying science



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