Speed Reading Positive Affirmations


The ability to speed read is a valuable trait that will increase the quality of your study time and enable you to breeze through reading material. Practicing these positive affirmations will develop this skill effortlessly, leaving you plenty of energy to apply your newly acquired talent of speed reading.

These affirmations are designed to enable you to read material at lightning fast speed while absorbing more information than if you had just read it at a normal pace. All it takes is the dedication to start practicing them regularly.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a fast reader
I enjoy reading
I digest information quickly
I am a comprehensive reader
I read chunks of words at a time
I comprehend information quickly
I devour reading material
I am a super reader
I read words as a whole
I am a speed reader


Future Tense Affirmations
I am improving my reading speed
I will read quickly
I will comprehend reading material easily
I am becoming a super reader
I will read chunks of words instead of letters
I am developing a love of reading
I will digest information quickly
I will read extremely fast
I am opening my mind
I will absorb information easily


Natural Affirmations
Reading fast comes easily to me
Reading is enjoyable
Speed reading feels natural
Comprehending words is easy
My mind is clear and open
My need to vocalize each word is gone
Reading chunks of words comes naturally to me
Speed reading feels natural
My comprehension is superb
Speed reading is easy

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Recommended Speed Reading Tools

Speed Reading Subliminal: The fundamentals of speed reading are effortlessly activated with the help of this album. Focus is placed on eliminating the need to vocalize every word and reading chunks of text rather than each individual word.

Speed Reading Hypnosis: A comprehensive hypnosis session based on speed reading that will naturally increase your reading speed and improve your comprehension.

Speed Reading Program Subliminal: This is a great subliminal messaging tool from SubliminalMP3s.com that uses speed reading affirmations to target your subconscious mind and develop the perfect mindset needed to become a highly skilled speed reader.