Subliminal Messages – How They Work for Self Improvement


This article will explain what subliminal messages are, how they work, and how they can be used to help to change your mindset and help you to pursue your goals.

The term “subliminal messages” just on it’s own could mean many things; from their use in cartoons and movies to advertising, to flashing images on tv, to their use for manipulation within business and politics…

However, this isn’t what WE mean when we say “subliminal messages” – this is a SELF HELP website, so we are referring not to subliminal advertising, or manipulation, but to the use of subliminal messages for self improvement.

And to clarify even further, even within their use within self improvement there are 3 main different types; audio, visual, or software based. For simplicity sake we will talk in terms of audio subliminal messaging, purely because this is the most common format they are found in and use by people for personal development.

What are Subliminal Messages?

The term subliminal when translated literally, means “below threshold”.

Subliminal messages are audio statements which are below / above the threshold of human hearing… conscious human hearing that is anyway.

In their most simple form the are positive affirmations – simple positive statements which affirm something to be true. i.e. all subliminal audio messages really are, are positive affirmations which you can’t consciously hear – they are right on the edge of your conscious hearing limits.

However this is growing research into their application and a real increasing interest in their usage as a self improvement tool

How Do They Work?

The basic premise is that although you don’t consciously hear the subliminal statements, that are still taken in by your subconscious mind – so you can still benefit from them.

As we go through our daily lives there is so much happening all of the time, but our awareness is always focused on the task at hand.

We only take in the information immediately in-front of us, and this is especially true say when we are focused on working, reading, writing – we zone in on just that one thing.

However, and you’ve probably experienced this – if someone mentions your name across the room, you do hear it, you snap out of your mini trance and look up.

This principle of being aware of more than we realize has also been featured quite heavily by Derren Brown and other “modern” social psychologists – for example in one instance Derren takes a participant on a walk through a crowded train station, and then later, though a relaxed and focused state he extracts a lot of information out of them, information that they didn’t even realize they had picked up upon such as noticing someone’s name tag as they walked past in the crowd

In another subliminal experiment he takes 2 advertising executives on a ride through London in a taxi, picking up subliminal stimulus along the way he influences them to design an advertising campaign exactly how he wants them to:

How Can They Help?

Just like with positive affirmations, the more you hear the statement the more it becomes second nature – for example if you tell yourself over and over and over; “I am confident, I am a naturally confident person, I love myself for who I am, I am social and outgoing”, then gradually it starts to become second nature. You say it so many times that you start to believe in it, and ultimately it become real, it becomes a natural part of who you are.

If you think of it the other way around and imagine a young child being bullied – he is told over and over again that they will “never amount to anything”, and sure enough their confidence drops dramatically – of course.

The same is true the other way around. The difference is that you are taking control and ensuring that your brain receives positive information constantly.

Only you are not saying the statements yourself, you are receiving the information subliminally – it is going into your subconscious mind through a subliminal statement just on the edge of your consciousness.

* It is however important to give a disclaimer – over the last 5 years a lot of different subliminal techniques have been experimented with regards the exact frequency sound to use, the types of messages, their method of delivery – yes, lots of people are using it and experiencing results, but yes it does work better for some people than others, or some see results sooner than others etc. Our brains are so complex, and we are not all exactly the same – so that’s why the best way to experience it for yourself is to.. experience it for yourself…

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We really do recommend you give it a try for yourself – the best way to learn is to experience it first hand and see how it works for YOU.

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