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Do you want to submit a guest blog post to the positive affirmations blog?

I hope so, we would love to share your fresh ideas, theories and stories with our audience – we do have some strict requirements so please read this whole page before submitting, but first here are some benefits of submitting your articles to us.

Benefits of Becoming A Guest Blogger With Us

  • You can reach a large audience, who are interested in what you have to say. Our site is increasingly found on the search engines for 100s of affirmations related searches and in total we currently receive approx 1000 visits per day from search alone.This means there is a considerable flow of new visitors to your article.
  • Your article MAY be given an extra push. If your article is of good quality then we will push it out to our growing facebook fan page, and if it is especially unique, interesting and valuable we may include it in our email newsletter.
  • We will link to your website. You can include 3 links per article. You can have up to 2 links in the body of the article and 1-3 links in your “Author Resource” sign-off at the bottom (a TOTAL of 3 links per article). They CAN be keyword contextual links. This will help you be seen as an authority by the search engines for your keywords.
  • We are not a huge article directory. We are not displaying 1000s and 1000s of articles in all sorts of niches. We are not displaying articles from all of your competitors. We are a unique source to publish your articles to and a highly targeted blog for the self improvement niche. This means we are a very relevant source of traffic for you and a better quality, more unique link to your site.

Writing and Submission Guidelines

Articles about Self Improvement Only

  • Your article must be relevant to self improvement. This is critical, it doesn’t have to be about positive affirmations but it needs to be about self improvement, development, mindset etc. Articles about internet business or making money etc will be rejected without further explanation.
  • Some possible topics: I don’t want to put words into your mouth, but we are especially keen to receive personal stories of your success in personal development – how you personally changed and went from A-B, “Tips” articles, perhaps “5 ways to ___” “How to ___ in 3 easy steps” – actionable, valuable information which people can read and take action upon
  • Some topics NOT to write about: Sales-pitches – if your article is simply a salespitch in disguise we will reject it without further explanation. The number one rule is that the article NEEDS to give out genuine information, and advice and be VALUABLE to the reader. So along these lines then “Product Reviews” are definitely banned too, and generally your article shouldn’t mention using your product at all. You can link to your product or website at the end but the article should be informational. An ideal way to write is to give out actionable valuable information which is related to your website / product – make the article so high quality and valuable that people will want to click through to you to find out about your site.
Articles MUST BE 100% UNIQUE and Exclusive!
  • Your article needs to be 100% unique. It needs to be hand written by you. It must be 100% unique, exclusive writing, never published anywhere else before.
  • You need to give us exclusivity. If you submit to us then you do so on the understanding that our site will be the only source you will publish this article on. This is for reasons of “duplicate content”. We also check into the future on past submissions, so if you re-publish the article at a later date elsewhere (even your own site) then we will remove your post without warning.
  • We check every article submission on copyscape and manually on the web ourselves too. If you submit an article which has been sourced from somewhere else we will reject it. If you submit an article which has been plagiarised from somewhere else then we will also reject it.
Other Guidelines
  • Articles need to be at minimum 600 words. As a general rule, if you scrape an article through to us at 600 words we probably won’t post it to facebook or email newsletter too. To get a post about it to our facebook it should be a little longer (its hard to give so much value if the article is too short) – an ideal length is somewhere between 800-1200 words, but there is a limit – generally over 1500 words is too much.
  • Format your article. It needs to be easy to read. It should be in shorter paragraphs, it should include sub-headings, the use of bullet points is a GREAT way to make things easy to read and keep the page flowing, and it should include some highlighting / bolding too. Please do not submit huge chunks of text without any formatting.
  • It needs to be written with perfect spelling, punctuation and grammar. We will send articles back which aren’t – please ensure your article is in high quality English, that it has been proof read before you send it and that it actually makes sense when you read it. We will not publish poor quality articles.
  • More about LINKS: You can include additional links but not to your own sites, you can link to wikipedia or official sources of information, but please do not take advantage of this and squeeze in extra links to your own sites. Affiliate links are strictly forbidden – no exceptions – your links must be natural links. All of our links are “do-follow”, which means they are beneficial for helping you to be found in the search engines.

Submit Your Article

  • Please try to include the html of your links within the actual article itself ready for us. If not then please bold or color the text where you want the links and include the url(s)
  • Please submit your article to us in MSWord document (or similar) format or just in plain text.

For now we are not adding any kind of login center for writers. Please send your submission direct to:

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p.s. if you would really like to get extra exposure from our site then you can also submit actual affirmations pages to us (but please read their submission guidelines first).