Asthma Treatment Positive Affirmations


Asthma is a chronic disorder caused by the inflammation of the lungs. About one in twelve people have asthma, and it is one of the most costly and common diseases in the United States. Asthma, though incurable, can easily be controlled by the proper medication and mental stimulation.

Positive mind outlooks may not be a cure, but asthma is easily manageable with the proper treatment. Asthma is long-term and often a disease that hinders and effects daily operations. But if asthma is getting in the way of you living a happy, healthy life, you have to do something about it. Inhalers, medication, and appropriate asthma action plans are all stepping stones to your enjoyment of life. A positive mindset is what will keep you going through all of those days where nothing seems to work.

You might feel that a life without asthma is hopeless, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. You can overcome anything with the assistance of positive affirmations and a constant positive flow of thought.

Present Tense Affirmations
My asthma is controllable
I am superior to my asthma
My lung inflammations are few and far between
I rarely have asthma attacks
I am a healthy individual
Asthma is not prevalent in my life
I am intelligent with tracking my asthma
Asthma is easy to constrain
I have power over my asthma
I have my inhaler with me at all times


Future Tense Affirmations
I will stop letting asthma dominate me
I will stop being inferior to asthma
My asthma is becoming feasible
I will stop being subject to asthma’s abuse
I will always be prepared in case of an asthma attack
I will control my coughing
I will stop having trouble breathing
My lungs are growing stronger by the day
I will not be ashamed of my asthma
Asthma will not define me


Natural Affirmations
Breathing is always easy
I am naturally dominant over my asthma
I am free of asthma’s hindrances
Asthma is just east to confront
I can handle asthma with little difficulty
Asthma simply doesn’t bother me
I am always able to deal with my asthma
Asthma is only a small nuisance in my life
I face asthma head-on
I naturally make peace with my asthma

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Recommended Tools for Asthma Treatment

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What is Asthma?: The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute is the place to go for all information about circulatory and respiratory disorders. Asthma is only one of the many diseases they supply free information on, including what it is, who is at risk, signs and symptoms, how to treat it, how to live with it, and much more. Inform yourself now by checking out this free online resource.