Attract Health Positive Affirmations


Do you want to achieve optimal health and wellbeing? Are you having trouble getting over a lingering illness or dealing with aches and pains that just never seem to go away?

These positive affirmations will provide a massive boost to anyone using the law of attraction principles to attract health and vitality. If you combine these positive affirmations with taking care of yourself and eating right, you will transform yourself into a prime example of healthy thinking and living. They will help you overcome deeply held negative beliefs and thought patterns and transform you into someone who has the positive, clear, and strong state of mind needed to manifest a high degree of health and vitality.

It’s been said that without your health, you have nothing. We recommend you do everything in your power to be as healthy as you possibly can, and there is no better place to start than changing the way you think about health.

Get started with these 30 positive affirmations today, take the first step on the road to a healthy life.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am naturally healthy
I am attracting health into my life
I have a strong body
My mind is healthy
I always take my health seriously
I always recover from illness quickly
I eat healthy and exercise regularly
My mind is completely focused on achieving optimal health
I manifest abundant wellbeing with the power of positive thinking
I am grateful for my perfect health


Future Tense Affirmations
I am attracting health into my life with the law of attraction
I am becoming healthier
I will become healthy in mind and body
I will always take my health seriously
I am finding new ways to take care of myself and live a balanced life
Each day it is easier to do what I know is best for my body
I am starting to eat a healthier diet
Health, vitality, and happiness are steadily increasing with every day
I will always remember that thinking positively is the foundation for a healthy life
I am beginning to listen to my body and take the action necessary to heal it


Natural Affirmations
I am naturally healthy and strong
I believe in my ability to attract health in to my life
I always just naturally do what is best for my body
I am highly focused on living a healthy lifestyle
I always seem to recover from illness very quickly
Others see me as someone who is just always happy, healthy, and vibrant
I find it easy to eat right and take care of myself
I enjoy exercising
I can easily sense when my body needs rest and relaxation
Thinking positively about my health comes easily to me



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Recommended Tools to Attract Health

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Attract Health Hypnosis: You can use this hypnotherapy tool to reach your unconscious thought patterns and erase any negativity that may be holding you back from achieving the healthy lifestyle you want. The thing we love about hypnotherapy is that the results tend to come pretty quickly, you will soon find yourself effortlessly living a much healthier lifestyle, eating right, and just generally feeling happier and healthier all the time.

Attract Health Subliminal: Another great subliminal audio tool, this time from With regular use you will see huge improvements in the way you feel, and you will be the type of person that just always seems to be healthy, never gets sick, and radiates positive energy and vitality.