Healthy Eating Habits Positive Affirmations


A healthy diet is the cornerstone to your health. These positive affirmations will help you reprogram your mind and develop healthy eating habits.

Positive Affirmations are most effective if you use them at least twice each day. The best time is first thing in the morning, as this primes your mind for the day. The second best time is right before bed. It would be great if you could use them at both these times and then a little bit throughout the day as well.

You can use these affirmations to change your negative eating habits and replace them with much healthier ones. If you are serious and you use these affirmations regularly you will begin to naturally prefer eating fruits and vegetables, you won’t stuff yourself at each meal, and you’ll avoid compulsive eating behaviors in favor of regular meal times.

Check out our list, find a few that resonate with you, and get on the path to becoming a healthier eater.

Present Tense Affirmations
I only eat healthy food
I eat at regular intervals throughout the day
I easily choose healthy snacks over junk
I eat lots of fruits and vegetables
I always eat a balanced meal
I am a disciplined eater
I always make sure to eat breakfast
I eat healthy to energize my mind and my body
I am dedicated to eating healthy foods every day
I am focused on providing proper nutrition to my body


Future Tense Affirmations
I will only eat healthy food
I am becoming a healthy eater
Others are beginning to notice that I always eat healthy
I am getting healthier thanks to my healthy eating habits
I will continue to improve the quality of my diet
I will always eat vegetables at every meal
Eating healthy is becoming easier
I am starting to eat more moderately sized meals
I am starting to enjoy the taste of fruits and vegetables
I will always choose nutritious food over junk


Natural Affirmations
I enjoy fruits and vegetables
I fuel my body with only the best foods
I find it easy to eat a healthy diet
I am a natural healthy eater
I love vegetables
Others see me as someone who is health conscious and in control of their diet
I make sure to eat meals at the same time every day
I enjoy eating healthy food
I always start my day off by eating something healthy
Nutrition is very important to my quality of life


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Recommended Tools for Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy Eating Habits Subliminal: Here’s a great tool that uses subliminal messages to reprogram your mind for healthy eating habits. The messages go straight to your subconscious and work below the surface to destroy deep seated negative eating habits – This subliminal tack is brought to you by OUR FAVORITE RESOURCE for subliminal tools, click the link and you’ll see why we love this site so much.

Develop Healthy Eating Habits Hypnosis: If you’re struggling to eat the way you know you should be, you should consider using this hypnotherapy tool to make a break through and finally make a change. Professional quality hypnosis, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, is the world leader in online hypnosis solutions.

Eat Healthy Food Subliminal: Another great subliminal tool for reprogramming the mind to naturally prefer healthy foods over junk. The importance of proper nutrition to your health and vitality can’t be overstated, you need to get this under control. Visit the site, learn more, and download their eat healthy food subliminal.