Attract Luck Positive Affirmations


Do you want to attract good fortune & luck into your life? These positive affirmations have been designed to fine-tune your law of attraction powers and get your mind focused on luck and positivity.

The key to manifesting your desires with the law of attraction is to focus your mind on what you wish to attract, believe deeply, and think positively. We have provided 30 affirmations that will help you rewire your mind for thinking, feeling, and acting lucky. We recommend you choose the ones that resonate most deeply with you and find some time at least twice a day to say them to yourself and focus your mind on attracting luck.

You can also choose 1 or 2 that really strike you and periodically say them to yourself silently as you go about your day – in a short time you will notice luck effortlessly flowing into your life, positive things happening unexpectedly, and good fortune coming your way much more often.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am lucky
I attract good luck into my life
Others see me as a very lucky person
Positive things always happen to me
I always think positively
I am full of gratitude for all my good fortune
I am the luckiest person alive
I am a naturally lucky person
Good fortune always comes my way
I am thankful for the abundance in my life


Future Tense Affirmations
I am getting luckier
I am noticing that I feel lucky all the time
I am becoming a very lucky person
I will always think positively
I am transforming into someone who is always lucky
Each day I attract more good fortune into my life
Luck is starting to flow into my life
With each day I become more thankful for all the luck and good fortune in my life
I will always be lucky
Feeling lucky is becoming easier and more natural


Natural Affirmations
Attracting luck is easy for me
I just naturally feel lucky all the time
My sincere gratitude attracts more good luck
Positive things always seem to happen to me
New and exciting opportunities are always coming my way
Others are always telling me how lucky I am
Luck and good fortune are normal every day occurrences for me
I am effortlessly tuned into and focused on luck
I deserve to be lucky
Good things just always seem to come my way


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Recommended Tools to Attract Luck

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