Baseball Positive Affirmations


These positive affirmations will help you to align your mind and body to become the baseball player that you’ve previously only dreamed of.

Being a star baseball player begins with eliminating the barriers that cloud your mind and stunt your athletic ability. Growing into a top notch player means training vigorously, perfecting your coordination and staying on top of your game. In order to achieve these goals, you have to believe in yourself and focus on perfecting your ability to throw, bat, and run.

Throwing the perfect pitch, sliding into home base, and tagging players out like a pro can all be greatly improved by simply controlling and developing your mind. Practicing these affirmations will help you hone your baseball skills by training your instinctive reactions, thought processes, and self beliefs.

Present Tense Affirmations
I am a star ball player
I am a fast runner
I am a great hitter
I am dedicated to practicing
My body is built for baseball
I have excellent coordination
I am motivated to win
I am skilled at baseball
My mind is focused on winning
Others see me as a great baseball player


Future Tense Affirmations
I will practice regularly
I will improve my batting average
I will increase my hitting distance
I am sharpening my focus
I will throw perfect pitches
I will stay motivated
I am improving my coordination
I will do everything I can to win
I will hit home runs
I will catch every ball that is hit to me


Natural Affirmations
I was born to play baseball
Others see me as a naturally gifted ball player
My throws are always on target
My teammates expect me to hit home runs
My batting average is stellar
Practicing baseball is fun
Winning comes easily to me
My coordination is excellent
My motivation to practice is high
My drive to play well comes naturally

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