Athletics Positive Affirmations


Have you struggled to consistently perform at a high level, or failed come through for your team when it really counts? If so, these affirmations are just the motivation you need to jump-start your inner vision and supercharge your focus on achieving athletic success.

Many of us envy athletes on television who appear to glide effortlessly over the basketball court, run with the dexterity of the wind, and pass, catch, or kick with ease and precision. If you strive for a winning attitude and crave a steadfast dedication to training, help is just around the corner. You too can have the athletic ability that seems to come so naturally to star athletes, and it all begins with these positive affirmations.

Before long you will be running faster, jumping higher and competing more aggressively as your renewed self image empowers you to be the best athlete you can be. Start honing your self confidence by practicing these positive affirmations to take your athletic prowess to the next level.

Present Tense Affirmations
I run fast
I jump high
I am a great athlete
I am a fierce competitor
I can run like the wind
I am a winner
I have great stamina
I am dedicated to my training
I am motivated to practice
I am a skilled player


Future Tense Affirmations
I will stay focused on winning
I will train consistently
I am becoming a great athlete
I will enjoy practicing
I will reach my full athletic potential
I will exceed the expectations of others
I will push myself to attain a high level of athleticism
I will always perform my best
My stamina is increasing
Each day my running becomes faster and faster


Natural Affirmations
My stamina is naturally high
Motivation is a normal part of my every day life
Running fast is easy
I enjoy training
Practicing regularly is fun
My athletic abilities are naturally strong
My endurance is high
I can reach any athletic goals that I want
Focusing my mind is something I just naturally do
Winning is the best feeling in the world

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Recommended Tools to help Athletes

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Motivation to Exercise Hypnosis: Use the power of hypnosis to change your mindset from dreading exercise to thriving on it. This album will revolutionize the way you work out because it addresses the way you subconsciously feel about exercising, and gives you the drive you never thought you would have.

Body Building Training Subliminal: This program will enable you to develop your athletic potential with a focus on your mental and physical strength. It pushes you to train harder and exercise longer by instilling the mindset of a true athlete.